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Haunted House Photos and Start Of Winter :(

Monday, November 04, 2013

The haunted house on 5th Avenue was absolutely free! Their front yard was decorated:

Entrance to it was through the Betelgeus worm:

It let you out by the side of the house where a live character said hi to me. I am guessing they never tried to scare me because they didn't want me to dump my camera in fright lol. At the time, I was the only one going through so could take my time taking photos. Even so some did not turn out. Really dark places do not focus well:

The graveyard scene:

The constant question I had was, which were the live ones that would leap out at you :P

This jail scene was really dark and I didn't know there was anyone in there until they waved. I took a picture, but never saw what it looked like. I had not noticed there was a break in the bars and that the dude was holding a CHAINSAW!! I got off lucky there LOL:

The three witches:

Zombieland. Notice the toddler in the stroller.

Thought for sure there would be something grabbing at you here. I must confess I did not go slowly through it as I really didn't want someone leaping out at me. But they had a lot of great details in their scenes that I probably missed seeing and not getting the best photos of..

Last but not least, through the spider tunnel:

Saturday, November 3 was the last showing for this house. I wasn't feeling well and knew having to walk on sidewalks does not agree with me, but when Mom said the weather was fairly mild, I was determined to see this. So I dressed in layers with an oversized shirt and vest on last. It was a great evening, and in spite of the 4 mile walk round trip, enjoyed it. It turned out it was my last walk on clear pavement with fairly warm temperatures. Overnight the storm system moved in and began dumping rain and high winds on us. I did nothing except club work Sunday evening as I had spent the last of my weekend with Mom just watching movies and doing dishes. She had cooked and baked up a storm!
My stomach has been upset for five days now and my right shoulder/arm/elbow pain is constant and annoying making it even harder for me to get any sleep on top of the little I already get. The toe is still swollen, but thankfully, I was able to tolerate getting into my newest, smallest fitting runners as the streets were dangerously icy and my old big shoes had lost a lot of their tread. It was frustrating knowing because of the toe I had missed one last week of fitness classes at the gym. Right now its impassible on the streets or sidewalk. After all that rain, our temperatures dropped so that it turned to snow so its one big mess. We were 'lucky' in that we did not get the high amounts of snowfall areas all around us did. But the next five days are to be very cold. The wind was very cutting today, enough to take your breath away.
I really had to dig deep to do some exercise this evening, just 60 min on the elliptical. I am just not feeling well, and the return of the dark, cold days does nothing for my spirit. Needing to keep my windows closed so the snow isn't blowing in and then freezing them shut when I have to close them was another problem as the cigarette smoke from my neighbor made things really stuffy :( I was actually having difficulty breathing during my workout! My chest just burned!. My building has an exercise room but the windows are nailed shut so people can't open them and freeze the pipes and there is no music, but I may just have to go there for my workouts on their elliptical until I can safely open my windows in my apartment. I must admit, working out to music really motivates my speed and its hard to do without. I don't have a boombox and I can't tolerate those things in the ears, they make me deaf.
We are the only province in Canada that doesn't do a time change for which I am grateful! Too many clocks to change around here :P Its mostly dark all the time anyway so makes no big difference.
I saw a rabbit for the first time in a long while, and it was a big one with a lot of its fur turned white but still with a brown back. I was on the elliptical so could get a photo.
My Mom found another wasp's nest she wants to get. This is was really high up. This was taken Saturday morning, the last we were to see of the sun for a while! Its smack in the middle of the most popular trail in the off leash dog run so she will have to wait for a non busy time and find a very long stick to poke at it with!!

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite, or the scary monster under the bed or the closet, etc., etc.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JUNEAU2010
    Thanks for the vicarious haunted house tour! Plenty enough for me. I never liked Halloween as a child - I did not see well at night and I hated being scared! But I really admire the creativity!

    I am so sorry winter descended so quickly. I hope things work out better over the next few days and months than usual!
    1688 days ago
  • SABLE77
    nice, maybe someday my kids will do our haunted farm yard again
    1688 days ago
    Loved the haunted house! This year we did nothing at all. We were supposed to be in Winnipeg on a short vacation but Scooter's little mishap put the end to that. So we didn't decorate even…. wasn't in the mood, but it's the first year we missed and it felt a little sad. DD went trick or treating with friends in town and ds dh and I just hung around. Supposed to watch a movie we downloaded and we ended up watching some tv instead. We had 0 trick or treaters - par for the course where we are. No little kids around here right now. In the over 10 years we've lived here I've had a grand total of 4 I believe.
    1688 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon!
    1688 days ago
    1688 days ago
    emoticon I would have been moving FAST through that house too!! I wouldn't mind Halloween if it weren't for all the Zombies, and Ax Murderers, and Ghosts, and Goblins, and ... Well all the Creepy Stuff!! Whatever happened to Casper The Friendly Ghost, LOL!?

    emoticon Between your arm issues and the toe, and the Weather Change I know you have to be miserable!! I just HATE that you are having to deal with all of that and Cigarette Smoke on top of that!
    1688 days ago
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