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Forest cycle done...check.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Hubby and I were determined to make use of this incredibly sunny day we woke to. We were also determined to get another bumper load of exercise done and we chose to take hubbies bicycle, the car and the dogs and head of to Witfontein forest. It's a beautiful forest and has enough ups and down to make it challenging. It also has waterfalls to cool us down. This is the entrance to Witfontein forest.

The dogs waiting patiently to be let out the vehicle.

Next the bike came down. This job was mine on the return trip because hubby hurt his back. I surprised myself by coping quite well with getting it down too.

This is the road that took us onto the cycle track. It really is beautiful up there and literally a 10 minute drive from my home. Lucky me.

Justin took the dogs and the bicycle first. How he manages to cycle along with TWO great danes I'll never know. I mean they are beautifully behaved, but still, its pretty plucky to even attempt that...I haven't as yet.

After the dogs had their run, it became my turn. I haven't been on a bicycle in a good few years so this would be a test run for when my bicycle gets here and Justin and I can cycle together. A friend of mine is also a cyclist and has great plans for our future *eyes stretched wide here cos she's about 10 yrs my junior* with no excess weight AT ALL.

Initially all I could hear was the crunching of the gravel road under the wheels of the bicycle, but suddenly I heard the gurgling sound of falling water and as I rounded the corner, I saw the water falls all flowing strongly.

We gave the dogs and ourselves a drink before pushing on.
The mountain water is icy and delicious.

Justin decided he wanted us to climb to the top of the waterfall. It was tough going pushing the bicycle up, but I could not have managed the dogs if he took the bicycle from me. The are strong and I was afraid that I might hurt my bad knee. So....I turned into a Nike girl and 'JUST DID IT". (Their ad logo for those who don't know is JUST DO IT).

I was pretty happy to finally get to the top and just sit on my bum.
To think that tomorrows boot camp is cardio and legs....oooh.

Going back meant negotiating narrow, rocky ledges...not the easiest thing with either dogs, or a bicycle. There was only enough space for my feet and the wheels right next to me. It's not a long drop, but who wants to drop...even a short distance?? emoticon

Once over the rocky bits, the path was all downhill. I am still mastering cycling on the flats emoticon so Justin took the bicycle down for me and I took the dogs.

The further down we went, the heavier the humidity got until eventually the camera started misting up. I still loved this photo all the same.

I cycled through the forest on a bed of pine needles. One thing I did not stop to think about was, if the bottom was a hollow filled with pine needles, in which case I was about to go over the handle bars. Fortunately it turned out to be solid ground...thankfully. On fb I put that it felt like Mnt Kilimanjaro to me and my nephew made a come back with...." Mnt Mole-hill-amanjaro! its what it felt like that counts not how big it really was lol" He is ALWAYS ripping me off, but wait, hes 34 now....he will become 53 and maybe he will remember.....Im not worried, hes a nice kid with a a great sense of humor.

At this point it was all downhill. I was hanging onto the brake like nobodies business and suddenly I thought "what if I wear the brakes out before I get to the big main gate?"
Again I had a vision of colliding with the double gate at one heck of a speed and flying through the air lol, so when I rounded the bend, I decided to lay off the brakes and just go.
At least that way I would definitely have brakes when I needed them.

I flew around the bend at what felt like the speed of light (yeah Rory I know, I was probably crawling) BUT it WAS downhill....when I spotted Justin standing in the road. He had to make a flying exit because I do not have enough control to whip around him. I laughed so hard I felt quite weak.

Coming through the gate signaled the end of the cycle for me.

We went home to clean up and drop the dogs before going to an out of town restaurant for a light lunch. My goodness were we ever sorry we picked THAT place. It was crazy busy and on top of that, the service was very slow (30 minutes to get our simple breakfast order of eggs on toast and another 30 mins to get our bill). Additionally they had a kiddies party going on, so much kiddie noise plus scraping chairs etc. Not what we felt like after a tiring cycle lol. However, the place mats are old newspaper clippings from 1955 and this ones a tea advert, which made me laugh. I dont know how tea connected to the picture, but I enjoyed the picture.

For those not on fb I want to end with my cute experience today.
Each month, my Herbal Life shake arrives and is delivered to my son. Today when the call came, I decided to fetch it myself straight after boot camp, so I could have some for breakfast. The older generation African black males, love fat women. With that in mind, I explained that its healthy food in a jar which can make you thin. He raised his eyebrows at me and said "but madam is not fat"....I nearly went down on bended knee and proposed to him. emoticon

So that ends our lovely weeks staycation. Today is back to the grindstone with much house work to catch up on plus a number of other things. Hubbies colleague will now go to the states for 2 months....its going to be a super busy time for us.

Even though my trainer reads my fb page and KNEW I went on a mountain cycle yesterday, no mercy was extended emoticon I had to keep up with the rest and believe me when I say I WAS EXHAUSTED at the end of todays session. emoticon
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