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Day 704- 38.4% Body Fat?

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Monday, November 04, 2013

This morning, I went to a health screening offered by my work in an effort to lower my insurance premium. Doing the screening means a $120 decrease in your annual fee which might not seem like a lot, but I still live like a poor college student so every dollar counts.

Well as the guy was taking my measurements, some things didn't surprise me. 5'8" and 182 pounds fully clothed was definitely what I expected. But when I stepped on their fancy smancy scale and it said 38.4% body fat, I felt a little piece inside of me cry. WHAT? Since when? What is this scale detecting?

But then I did the math. At 182 pounds, 38.4% of my body weight is about 70 pounds of fat still on my body. Meaning, my bones and organs and all that jazz weigh about 112 pounds.

*EDIT* After telling JD about this, he asked "so you have 0 muscle?" Lol. So my calculations are definitely off... hahaha.

And female athletes range from the 14-20% body fat range. And a "fit level" can be 21-24% which at my goal weight of 145 would mean I have about 33 pounds of fat on my body, which would be about 22.7% body fat.

So my goal weight is exactly where it should be, and even though I'm at 38.4 % right now, I used to be around 60% body fat.

It is all relative, and it is all about continuously improving myself. That 38.4% was a shot to the heart, but at the same time, a good indicator of where I've come from and where I still have to go.

I know BMI and Body Fat and all that stuff is all questionable by many people, but for me, I like to take everything into consideration to use as motivation. And the day when I can get on a fancy smancy scale and see something under 24% will be a big day for me.

I'm hoping to get back into the 170s this week as I'm now down to 11 days to get to 175, and I don't think it's going to happen any more. I may need to readjust to December 3, which would mean losing 100 pounds in 2 years with SparkPeople.

Hope you had a good weekend, SparkFriends.

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