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Love, Honor and Obey (?!?)

Monday, November 04, 2013

BLC has weekend challenges. This weekend includes a requirement to exercise in a silly manner.

Here's my silliness.

I had TWO dreams last night in which my standard poodle, Solly, took his usual minute or two to finish inspecting whatever was fascinating him before he came when called. The poor dog came to a bad end and I woke up panicking both times.

Solly should come when he's called. So this morning, I sliced a banana and put the slices on two plates - one all clean and one with liver juice on it. I took my family (hubby and two dogs) outside to the front porch. I gave my husband a fork for each plate so his hands didn't get dirty. I asked him to call me to come to him first and tell me to sit, then give me a piece of clean (not liver soaked!) banana.

I took the dogs under the walnut tree and waited. Hubby called, "Mommy, come!" I ran helter-skelter as fast as I could, wagging my tail and looking happy to be called. I plopped into a sit the second he asked. I got a banana slice and a pet on the head for reward. I wagged my tail some more to show happiness. Then I ran back to where the dogs were. He called me again and ordered me to lie down!

Hubby had me run to him 3 times before he started calling the dogs and me more or less alternately. The poodle immediately understood the rules of the game, including that he had to go back and wait quietly. The Boston had to be dragged back and held firmly. He kept trying to steal the entire plate of banana in liver juice.

My husband clearly enjoyed having me obey him so quickly. He made sure I did a lot more running, sitting and lying down than the dogs did. Maybe he thought my training needed some work, too?

The poodle did a little extracurricular running - laps around the tree and all around the yard, slapping his big front feet down on the ground like a puppy - because he was so happy we were playing with him!

I had to dress and leave for work, so I couldn't continue the game today, but even if I had to obey my husband, it was rather fun. Maybe we'll do it some more tomorrow.
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