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ANNUAL Dog~blog: ps. your dog is fat ~~updated ,'8^o

Sunday, November 03, 2013

WELL! i think i need to do This update a month early! :
these blogs in particular have been my go-to kind of annual progress report; and i feel like i Need!!! to give mySelf a kick in the butt! right now; i'm doing 'okay', but NOT as well as i want to!
i really NEED to get back to being ConsistentLizzi, AND to Keep Going with my Progress!

i gave myself waaaayyyy too long to recover from that surgery; it's true that this spring was the very first time in about 18 months that i felt 'like myself' again, and then there followed life changes that have rocked my RealLife; but i would be SOooo much farther along, if i'd managed this past 6 months better!

Thank GOODNESS i am still in the BLC challenge, and tho i needed to move to a different team because i felt like i just wasn't doing the best i should have for my original team, i Still!!! have all that support and company and resources and focus!!; hey, that's kind of like saying i'm OnSpark, but even better!

I SO wish everyone on spark could be in our BLC challenges, because i've gotten SOOOO much support and results! from my teammates!
But people are all different, and; i guess there's focus, and there's Focus, and there's FOCUS... and we each need to choose our own level.

I'm choosing my level as *F*O*C*U*S* !!! as of RIGHT NOW!


HERE is my Update today, to my 'annual' blog! : OMG my dog is fat again... and OOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD, so WE need!!! to get REAL and GET OFF OUR TAILS!

Wow. It's been TWO years, since i first noticed that my Boo-boo and i shared some habits that weren't good for us.

Boobie is older now, and beginning to really slow down, but he still SO enjoys us letting him out of the 'dog-yard' to run, run, Run! around with our corgi-chow 'Rusto-Gusto, who is STILL leading him! on a merry chase, lol !

Now though, when we ask him to come back inside, he's happy to do so, and he flops on double pads on the floor, or makes the effort to climb up onto the big people bed and enjoy the foamtop we added to our mattress.
His muzzle is getting white, and he's not so likely to run outdoors before he starts barking, when he alerts on something.
He's even calmed down enough to learn some new lessons; he lays down before i feed him, without any more than a look and me stopping in my tracks. He goes to his eating place, and happily sits down, and Gently! offers me a paw to shake. Then he waits until i say it's okay to eat, before he (still, lol) Dives! in to his food.

As for me; my back gives me trouble, but the spot of the spinal surgery was very successful, and so long as i don't damage my body any farther, i won't need that surgery again. But i can't lift heavy objects, can't stand on my head, can't get up after more than a few hours sleep without being frozen from the shoulders down thru the hips, so that i now roll out of bed and hobble a bit until the joints loosen in an hour or so. I got the memoryfoam topper for my bed so i could stand to get off of heavy pain medications.... i NEVER want to even rely on them anymore, much LESS get dependent on them!
My knees can't stand for me to do any type of lunges or squats, anymore; i'm not sure if i'll be able to in the future, or not.
I descend staircases in reverse, whenever possible.
I still love!!! to sweat, but it happens much more rarely, these days; my Sjogren's has advanced. I need eyedrops a few times a day, I've lost a few teeth, and i need the humidifier on year-round to sleep, or i wake up in pain from the severe dryness my system is experiencing.
I take some meds for pain, but no longer depend on the heavy-duty stuff that people misuse sometimes. Rarely, i take a half a dose of a muscle relaxer, but i'm Very! much trying to focus on Relaxation, Meditation, and Organization, to make my family's life easier.
I've gained back about 25 lbs.. which makes me disappointed in myself, but doesn't mean i have to beat myself up.
I've still! lost and kept off 45, and i WILL reach Onederland again, with the help of my teammates and Sparkfriends!

Boobie's love handles are Very! small, but here again; mine! are Very! Large!!; and i've had to start wearing large(r) slacks again.
I need to get us Both! OUT AND WALKING TOGETHER on a REGULAR basis! It will help us both with our bodies AND our minds!.. and i love him WAAAYY too much to let him be more achy than i can prevent!
So far, he isn't showing signs of pain from arthritis, but i'm watching him carefully and Will! be giving him Vet help as soon as it becomes apparent. We encourage him to use the pads, and i'm saving up! to get him a Kuranda bed.

I also need to re-Apply! myself to the purpose of the BLC challenge: to Consistently! Lose weight, and Continue! to get Healthier!

My mom is nearly a century old, now... it reminds me that ALL of us want to have Vital, Interesting, Enjoyable & Purposeful lives!

I CHALLENGE MYSELF to get BACK INTO HEALTHIER habits NOW, and in the next two months, to get into such good shape that i'd even be comfortable joining one of the BLC teams that focuses on competition! After all, we ALL WIN when we Do OUR BEST to be as Healthy As Possible! ... and i'm taking my furbabies WITH me!


Here's the First update i did; i thought it was a year ago, but!!! it was TWO.! emoticon

Monday, December 05, 2011

I'm not thinner now, but my Sweet Booboo is! The vet gave us the ThumbsUp sign when we asked her about his weight, so we're very happy to be giving him the best chance for a good life.
I Have lost a substantial amount, probably Greatly! due to my participation here on Spark, especially in the BLC challenges AND the support of my Spark friends too.
I've gone from 265 to just under 200, and I plan to keep going; I've been slowed down recently by major surgery, not elective, and currently I frequently still feel like I've been hit by a truck. A big truck. A dumpster, if not a semi tandem. I can't exercise much at All right now; I've been told to start this week with Strolls, Not! walks, of 2 to 3 MINUTES at a time, several times a day. We went out food shopping 2 days ago, and even using the scooters available at most of the stores, I'm still trying to recover from it!

But I'm still going, I'm still trying, and I'm still GOING to get it DONE in a Reasonable, Healthy way.!!

I hope ALL of YOU will have an even BETTER experience than I have, here on Spark and ALL throughout your LIFE!!!


Here's the original blog:

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The vet told me recently that those cute little 'muscle' bumps at the front of my boxerdog's hips are NOT muscle.
It was a shock.

I thought he got plenty of exercise chasing our corgichow around; he couldn't even really keep up with her, so he'd quit after a few crashes (she turns corners better than he) and start jumping up to hang off of his BigRope knot, or begin once again to bring me the 'stick' that's actually about half of a small tree. Lots of time, though, now that I think about it, he spends time snoozin around with his feline bros and sisses. (see pic from my spage).

I think I do the same kind of thing when I exercise too. I'll go for stupendous short spurts, whether one huge day of construction work or a near week of making time to exercise at home regularly. I've even joined some challenges, and lately I'm dropping weight and inches. But I want it to stay off, and I want to become ConsistentLizy, not IntermittentLizy. I haven't achieved that yet.

So Boo-boo and I need some of the same strategies.

He's hungry all the time. The vet said to add green beans to his diet, to add bulk without calories. He's happier because there's more to fill his bowl and his tummy. I'm happy because every day when I feed him I'm reminded to do what I need to do to maintain my own new habits and become healthier every day. He takes fish oil capsules for his coat. I take fish oil capsules for my brown fat. I don't let him finish what the little dogs leave. I don't finish what my DearHeart leaves. It's okay to throw out leftovers.

He's excitable and has good energy. Me too. We need to exercise together. I'm getting him a harness today, and we're both going to walk up and down my drive until at least a mile or two has been covered. He'll still get more exercise chasing his corgichow sister, and I'll still get more exercise bowling and cardio vid exercising with my friends InRealLife and here on SparkPeople.

Hmm. I can see the bumps from here; he can see my pudge from there. We're both going to lose them, together, and we'll both live Much longer, happier lives.

How's your pet's weight, by the way?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love that you have such a wonderful exercise partner. I'm recommitting to the BLC for the final weeks, so joining you in focusing. My travels got me (expectedly) off track but I'm back at it now!
    1651 days ago
    emoticon attitude! Focus on your achievement in losing 45 pounds, celebrate the determination and hard work it took to do that, know that backsliding is part of the course and even valuable as long as you learn from it and let's rock the last weeks of the BLC23. We still have time to be even more amazing than we've already been. And that's pretty amazing.
    1656 days ago
    Lizzi - I love the way you write and connect the universe in such great ways! I want you in great shape and COMPETING with us on Azure! ;-) Let's rock getting down to Onederland together!
    1663 days ago
    Love your blog sweetie but do not love hearing you thinking about soaring off of Azure for parts unknown aka a more competitive team. :::sad face::: Love you and you are just a bright and shining emoticon on Azure.

    Your journey has been arduous for sure fraught with many obstacles and a few hurdles but you have scaled them one and all and come out on top!

    You CAN and you WILL continue to do so growing and flourishing each step of the way! I am proud to call you my Island Sister. emoticon
    1664 days ago
    Great blog. Encouraging both you and your little BooBoo- teamwork! emoticon He has a good mommie and you really are looking out for his best interests. emoticon (both of you:)
    1664 days ago
    You've had a lot going on, but as things are returning to normal, you're right, time to get moving again. Time to go for longer walks with your dog so you can both be healthier. Is DH able to exercise with you?

    FYI, I recently found out the "loose skin" on my cat's belly was actually fat. Oops!
    1664 days ago
  • FUNGIRL81005
    Lovely blog....Congrats on the weight loss..... I need to take my dog for a walk...He loves walking.....and he is a little round...Just like ME!! LOL
    1665 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Great blogs! Sorry you've had so much to deal with. I do understand about having surgery and letting yourself take longer to recover than might actually be good for you. I also get not taking the more potent pain meds. I do the same thing myself. I have a *bit* of addictive behaviors and I don't want to get into the habit of taking anything that will make it harder for me to know what my body needs. It is tough dealing with autoimmune disorders that can really affect how we move and live.

    I applaud you for not giving up and continuing to strive for the best life possible.
    1665 days ago
    We had a dog which was nicked named old fatso after a vet visit. The vet told us to stop giving him treats ( we gave him carrots and cabbage/cauliflower cores). Also to make sure he got out for exercise. (He was an outside dog and loved to chase birds ) We just laughed and decided it was the standard old dog speech.

    emoticon emoticon
    1666 days ago
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