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300 (day 1) Evaluation day

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Well, here I am 16 days later.

16 days ago I started counting down to my daughter's wedding!

I had three goals:

1. I would eat 1500 cals a day but on my absolute worst day, I would eat no more than 2000.

2. I would walk for 30 mins minimum per day or a minimum of 210 minutes per week.

3. I would not consume alcohol.

I have 300 days left until the wedding.

Time to evaluate my progress and to reflect on how I did and how I will continue.

Progress- I did not weigh myself on day 316 but I did on day 313! At that time I weighed 195 lbs. Today I weigh 193 first thing in the morning pre breakfast! I have to say I am pleased but not overjoyed with my progess on the scales. I have also progressed in other ways! I am thinking differently about food and exercise for the better. I am more aware of my behaviour and the choices I am making!

Goal 1- I definitely stayed within the maximum of 2000 cals except for probably 3 days in total. However, I think I ate up to 2000 on more days than I ate within 1500.

Goal 2- Achieved!!!!!!!!!! I even got some bonus walks in, so I exceeded my goal!!! I had to make the time and one evening, I had to go to the horrible gym,,,,I might even go there again this week for fun!!! What???? WHO said that??? lol I am really enjoying the walking!!!

Goal 3 - Achieved!!!!! had a bit of struggle with this not because I wanted to drink but because I feel a subtle pressure from family and friends to drink when I am at social functions! I know my hubby enjoys it when we have a glass of wine together so yesterday I kind of fubbed a little poured myself a glass of wine with dinner! I tipped the glass up to my face a few times to pretend I was drinking it! I don't even like the taste! Then after a while I said," here you finish my wine" and I poured it into his glass! It was all an illusion but we were both happy then!!!

Reflections -

I originally gave myself the option of eating a maximum of 2000 cals on any bad day because I wanted an out so if I ruined any particular day, I would not get into that mind trap where I threw in the towel for the entire day and ate my head off!!! Upon reflection, however, I must admit that during the previous 16 days there have been a number of days when I wanted to eat something that I would think, "oh well, I can go to 2000 cals anyway and then I would eat it! Not good!!! My body needs apx 2100 cals per days to maintain this weight apparently. ( A co-worker who trains with weights told me in order to figure out how many calories I need to maintain my weight to take my weight in lbs and multiply by 11) Now 193 x 11 is 2123 cals per day!!! If I eat 2000 cals a day, I will lose weight but maybe a few ounces a week!!! And I only have 300 days left!!! I will have to revise this goal.

I also consume foods in a certain pattern. On weekends, I eat less!! Strange but true!! On weekends, I eat the same breakfast, no snacks during the day and a light lunch so I can have a delicious dinner. Now, I don't agree with saving calories to have a less nutritious dinner, but I have learned that I don't need to eat a large lunch everyday! right now I eat a salad with light dressing and a wrap with a cooked chicken breast ( 3 0z) - no mayo for lunch! Later in the afternoon, I end up eating peanut butter!!! God, I love that stuff!! Sometimes, well most times, I eat it directly out of the jar on a tablespoon and it is usually a heaping tablespoon,,,well in all honesty, I swirl the spoon around and around in the peanut butter and whatever sticks, I consider a tablespoon!!!!! ( My catholic background is rearing its head....all the confession) Which makes me think of honesty but I will comment on this later. I sometimes have 2 of these!!! However, if I spread my lunch out over a few hours, I could have my wrap for the snacktime and thereby eat less!! So I think I will play around with spacing my food differently.

Back to honesty!!! Once you start confessing it all comes out...hahahaha Anyway, I have had this annoying thought kicking around in my head that I have got to stop lying to myself!!!!!!! Peanut butter consumption is a prime example or those extra licks of food while I am cooking!! Or that tiny box of smarties which is hardly worth recording. I am lying to myself when I think, oh that doesn't matter, so I don't have to count it and just because I don't record it on my tracker doesn't mean it didn't happen!!!! I am not being fair to myself when I am lying to myself. My body counts everything!!!! DAMMMMMMMMMMM

I realize Halloween happened during all of this BUT it is NOT a good excuse!! Life will always be filled with those moments and events and I have to learn to handle them!! Now to my credit, I did not eat as much candy as I once would and I was conscious of every candy I ate. I think I am even more conscious now of how addictive sugar is as it kept me running for more or at least drooling for more!!!

Where to go from here.............

First of all I think I would enjoy counting upward from now on! I have been counting down from 316! I have 300 days left so I am going to start today by counting up to 300!!!

I need to set a weight goal for day 300!!! 300 days is apx 42.8 weeks. I now weight 193 lbs. To be within a normal BMI, my top weight would be 149 lbs.

I need to lose 44 pound per week. To maintain my weight, I would need to consume apx 2100 cals a day or 14, 700 cals per week. To lose one pound per week, I will need to create a calorie defecit of 3500 cals per week, or 500 per day!
I need to eat 1500 cals a day maximum!! and then if I burn a few extra while walking it will be a bonus!!

New Goals

1 - to eat a maximum of 1500 cals per day!!!

2- to continue my walking program of 30 mins a day and to go to the gym one time per week and to check out the classes offerred.

3- to avoid alcohol

4 - to stop lying to myself

5- to continue my daily blog

Well thats it!! A long blog today but it really helped me clarify what I have been doing and to plan to do it better in the coming days. I feel more motivated to succeed having written this down.

Next evaluation day in 14 days! ( day 14)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks TTLEELEE,

    I did read the article! Thanks! The truth is hard!!! Accepting it is half the battle I think!

    1657 days ago
    Great reflections and personal honesty! You really hit on some good points.

    Did you read title article on SP today
    op-5-reasons-youre-not-losing-weight/ ? It was in the Weekly Spark email.

    Keep up the good work emoticon
    1657 days ago
    Thank you Secretkel!!! I appreciate all your comments!!! Sigh I feel like I am trying hard but on reflection I wonder am I really???
    1659 days ago
    Good for you on realizing you haven't been completely honest with yourself and making it into a goal to do so! Love your alcohol trick at dinner last night! Wine is one of my weaknesses. I love the taste! I don't know that I could exercise your kind of willpower and have a glass in front of me that I didn't drink. You're doing great!
    emoticon emoticon
    1660 days ago
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