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Sandwich Day

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sandwich Day

When : Always November 3rd

We invite you to bite into your favorite sandwich, for today is Sandwich Day. The sandwich is truly a great creation. Sandwiches are a daily luncheon staple for millions of Americans.

The Creation of the Sandwich:

The annals of English history report that John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Among other things, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a heavy gambler. Montagu often spent many long hours in London's gambling parlors. In 1762, he created the sandwich, by putting meat between two pieces of bread. This allowed him to remain at the gambling table for long periods of time. Obviously, the sandwich was named after him

Celebrate this special day by eating sandwiches at every meal! Consume your favorite sandwich. Better yet, be bold and daring..... try a new sandwich!

PS Don't forget to wash your hands first.

Happy Sandwich Day!!!

Origin of Sandwich Day:
We know a lot about the sandwich how it was created and who it was named for. We did not find any information on who created Sandwich Day, or when this special day was first celebrated.

We are certainly grateful for the sandwich, and agree it deserves this special day of recognition!

(Do you remember when?)

This Day in History November 3rd

Christopher Columbus first sights the island of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. (1493)

John Austin, a highwayman, is the last person to be publicly hanged at London's Tyburn gallows. (1783)

The American Continental Army is disbanded. (1783)

French playwright, journalist and feminist Olympe de Gouges is guillotined. (1793)

The Bank of Montreal, Canada's oldest chartered bank, opens in Montreal, Quebec. (1817)

First Opium War between China and Britain begins. (1839)

John Willis Menard was the first African American elected to the United States Congress. Because of an electoral challenge, he was never seated. (1868)

American Old West: Self-described "Black Bart the poet" gets away with his last stagecoach robbery, but leaves a clue that eventually leads to his capture. (1883)

With the encouragement of the United States, Panama separates from Colombia. (1903)

Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T. (1911)

Poland declares its independence from Russia. (1918)

World War II: The Koli Point action begins during the Guadalcanal Campaign and ends on November 12. (1942)

World War II: 500 aircraft of the U.S. 8th Air Force devastate Wilhelmshafen harbor in Germany. (1943)

World War II: Two supreme commanders of the Slovak National Uprising, Generals Ján Golian and Rudolf Viest are captured, tortured and later executed by German forces. (1944)

Clarence Birdseye marketed frozen peas (1952)

The first Godzilla film is released and marks the first appearance of the character of the same name. (1954)

The Khan Yunis killings are perpetrated by the Israel Defense Forces in Israeli-occupied Gaza, resulting in the deaths of 275 male Arabs. (1956)

Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2. On board is the first animal to enter orbit, a dog named Laika. (1957)

The land that would become the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was established by an Act of Congress after a year-long legal battle that pitted local residents against Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officials wishing to turn the Great Swamp into a major regional airport for jet aircraft. (1960)

Washington D.C. residents are able to vote in a presidential election for the first time. (1964)

Vietnam War: The Battle of Dak To begins. (1967)

Vietnam War: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon addresses the nation on television and radio, asking the "silent majority" to join him in solidarity on the Vietnam War effort and to support his policies. (1969)

Mariner program: NASA launches the Mariner 10 toward Mercury. On March 29, 1974, it becomes the first space probe to reach that planet. (1973)

Greensboro massacre: Five members of the Communist Workers Party are shot dead and seven are wounded by a group of Klansmen and neo-Nazis during a "Death to the Klan" rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. (1979)

Iran-Contra Affair: The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa reports that the United States has been secretly selling weapons to Iran in order to secure the release of seven American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon. (1986)

The United States of America imposes economic sanctions against Sudan in response to its human rights abuses of its own citizens and its material and political assistance to Islamic extremist groups across the Middle East and Eastern Africa. (1997)

A total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Africa on November 3, 2013. The eclipse will be partial for people in some parts of Asia, Europe, North America and South America. (2013)
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