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Sunday, November 03, 2013

2013 - A New Year - A New Challenge!!!

I am really excited about the new year. Today is 12/31/12 and I weighed in at 173.8. This is the lowest I've weighed in my adult life EVER. Period. Since before 18. That was almost 20 years ago. I'm so sad that I allowed myself to be that overweight for that long. I've lost so many good times, but it's okay, because I am succeeding now.

Word is there is a SWAT school in January 2014. It isn't something I am sure I want to do yet, but it is something I want to be ABLE to do if I want to. The goals associated with this challenge are numerous. Here is what I have to achieve:

a) Get an Exceeds on my 2012 and 2013 evaluation. (This is pretty much already decided. I need to kick ass between now and March 1st to make sure that my evaluation scores are up to par.)
******* (March 2013 - Met this goal for my 2012 eval!)******

b) Qualify with an 85% three times. Once between Jan 2013-Jun 2013, once from Jul 2013-Dec 2013 and once in Jan 2014. (This is going to take a lot of practice. My current score was 77%. I shoot horrible with this new gun.)
****(March 2013 - Met this goal for my first qual! I scored a 93.2%!!)****

c) I need to max out my 1.5 mile run time, push-ups to muscle failure, and sit-ups in one minute. This is part of the test.
As of 01/08/2013:
1.5 mile run - 14m:21s
1.5 mile run goal - 13m:30s
One minute sit-up: 39
One minute sit-up goal: 50
Push-ups to muscle failure without stopping (IN PROPER FORM): 9 (face touches floor), 19 (chest touches soup can w/rest in up position to get through last few)
Push-ups (face to ground): 40 (with breaks allowed in up position)
Push-ups (chest to can): 50 (without breaks)

d) I need to reduce my weight to approximately 145. (This is going to be rather low for me, but in order to carry the 65-85 lbs of gear which is loaded on you, I can't have any extra weight of my own. Plus this helps with goals in (c).)

e) I need to get a little more tactical. Do some reading. Bone up on terminology. There's got to be a textbook somewhere

Additionally, non-required fitness related goals:
(f) I'd like to do 5 pull-ups without assist. Just the reverse grip "easy" ones.

Chugging Through the Holidays 2012 Challenge WON!!!!
Total lost between 11/09/2012 and 12/31/2012 = minus 12.8 lbs!!!

***Holiday 2012 Note***

I refuse to gain weight this holiday season. RE-FUSE! I am taking steps this year to negate that. P90x is in full swing and Round 1 will not be done until the first week in January. In addition to that, I am taking several other weight gain precautions. Today is 11/09/2012. I am 186.6. Challenge!!

Edit: 11/12/12 - 185.4!!!
Edit: 12/05/12 - 181.2! omg :)
Edit: 12/07/12 - 180.4!!!!!!! I love it when that happens!
Edit: 12/06/12 - 179.2!! The news is better and better :))
Edit: 12/14/12 - 177.4! What the h? It's falling off!
Edit: 12/17/12 - 175.2 - Yeah, I'm not sure how either.
Edit: 12/23/12 - 174.4 - Only Christmas is coming!! Ack!
Edit 12/31/12 - 173.8 - I'll take it after that cookie fest!!!


I was voted a SparkPeople motivator, but even motivators fall and have to pick themselves back up. My highest recorded weight ever was 295 lbs when I was pregnant. In 2007, I was 268 and that is when I started my journey. In December of 2010, I have a picture of the scale: 189.2. I was amazed, then became lax and began my emotional eating and sabotaged my success. I am now at 209.8 and I've gotten a grip and I'm "starting over."

Sparkpeople was there for me and it always has been. An evilklown has been holding my hand, even when I refused to check in with Sparkpeople, and finally made me face the music. So consider it faced.


In 2010, I graduated the police academy and became a police officer. You would think that one would lose weight in the academy, but I gained (at one point about 13 lbs). I got it under control and graduated weighing only about 5 lbs more than when I entered (I am willing to say that is muscle weight.). Now that I am out, I am faced with a busy schedule, long hours, constant sitting and free fast food.


At the age of 32, in December of 2007, I decided it was time to take control of my weight!! I'd been working full time, going to college, and trying to be a single mom for years. 40 hours a week sitting at my job, 5 hours a week sitting at school, sitting to study, sitting to watch TV, etc. It's added up! I've gained 83 lbs since 1995.

My highest (recorded) weight recently is 268 in December 2007. (At my highest, I remember weighing in at 295 while pregnant in 1998.)

My best habit is my afternoon salad. It's delicious and filling!! Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing has made salads easy to eat!!

**What motivated me to start losing weight?**

Many things have propelled me into action. In June of 2007, I had to go to the cardiologist (at 31!!!) because I was having heart palpitations. He did all sorts of tests, including a test that showed my cholesterol was a few points above the highest recommended normal range (thanks to Hardee's breakfasts). Turns out, I was overweight and stressed from the math and physics classes I was taking in college. He could do nothing for me.

I always have had this fear of going to Busch Gardens and not being able to fit into the roller coaster. I was at least 50 lbs less than that problem, but I still FEARED it. The embarrassment. I realized, if this is a problem that you are worried about, you truly are overweight.


At first, I started out on my treadmill. I cut out most fatty foods, including fried food, pork and most red meat. I eat a limited amount of carbs & sugars. My diet consists of fresh fruits and vegis & plenty of protein & coffee. Now the only meat in my diet is bird. All types :)
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