Being awake at 6am on a Saturday morning should be illegal.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

So, here I am... awake. The chance I get to sleep in and really soak up the awesomeness that is my bed, in all it's glory... but no... my silly body is awake. Ready for action. I tried to stay in bed. And in fact, stayed laying there for about a half hour, before I had to get up, make breakfast, and blog.

For me, through this #fineby29 challenge, I definitely have to rekindle my outlets for self expression - i.e. blogging. I feel safe with you sparkers. No drama. No family issues. No judgement. Constant positivity and uplifting. It's weird to think I have been a member of a website for four years - I mean, who does that? But it's amazing to see new members, and still get comments and thoughts from oldies and goodies. It's like my own personal workout go-team-go. I'm very thankful for this.

So - just a few days of tracking calories (which I use myfitnesspal as alpine sallie if you want to see what goes into my belly) and I've already lost the glycogen (about a pound) and weighed in on November 1st at 156.8. Not too shabby for just a day or so of whipping my booty in gear.

As far as activity goes, I've been trying to really focus on stretching and using body weight to do things - leg lifts, bodyweight squats, lunges, and just stretching stretching stretching. I'm not flexible by any means of the word, except maybe the flex part, cause I've got the tickets to the gun show! hahaha!

My husband is also suggesting that I really utilize any workout DVDs I have. I have burnt copies of various workout DVDs - p90x, zumba, shape, yoga, 30 day shred, at least a dozen in total... just to keep it exciting... and for that, I think he is right - I need to mix it up so it doesn't get stale..... but don't tell him that! hahaha!

Anyhow, the thing I've noticed in the last couple days is my mood. Usually if i don't like someone, or am annoyed or something, I usually take the high road... I won't talk to them, won't think about them, won't waste my breath. Why would I? I mean, if they are bugging me, it's not worth the energy.

However, lately - I want to give people a piece of my mind!

Example 1 - Family Photos. 26 People. 9 Families. A perfect disaster. Every year, my sister (who's major hobby is photography) wants to do family photos, my job is to gather and organize people to said event. This year word got out about my sisters 'talent' and a booty load of people showed up. People she doesn't really like. So, she was a total jerk to them! Cold shoulder, unorganized, it was weird. And... I feel like just to get back at me for this, because someone it always comes back to me and my 'the more the merrier' standpoint on family, the pictures that were taken of myself and my husband, look like crap. Seriously. When I asked if there were anymore pictures, she snapped at me, but was bragging that there was over 450 pics!

I'm at a loss with this one. After thinking it through a couple days, I've decided it annoys me to no end. Because for family photos, if I don't send out one she took, she's going to think I'm a jerk, but if I do, they look terrible. I mean, I'm a floating head in most of the pictures.... and she made sure to cut off limbs and things. Grrrr. I honestly, feel like with her experience and passion for photography, this was done on purpose.

Anyway, just thinking about it annoys me.

Example 2 - working 40+ hours a week. I need a vacation. Bad. I was supposed to take Halloween week off, but because there was diddly squat doing on, I decided to work. Bad idea. I feel like I'm working way too much. And with the certification exam in three weeks, I feel like I'm going to fail. And fail hard. We took a practice exam, I got a 55%. You need a 70% to pass. So I feel overwhelmed and totally screwed. I can't not not work and not get paid since we are a one household income until my hubby gets his fitness trainer certification, so right now, I'm a little stressed.

Example 3 - just the fact that this blog sounds like I'm just complaining annoys me. I hate when I annoy myself. I get like this all the time. I know I need to change this too. I get bored easily, I need to find ways to entertain myself because I can't just stare into my fancy cell phone for hours like my husband does in silence. It annoys the bejesus out of me.

Okay... so maybe I am just PMSing. Hopefully any way.

As far as the agenda for this weekend and my #fineby29 challenge first weekend, I wanted to make a healthy breakfast (check), blog (almost check), go for a fall bike ride, go visit my little brother at the hospital (I'll blog about that later), have some ME time, and study.

My husband is getting over the stomach flu and I'm doing all I can to not get annoyed with his moans and groans, but I need ME time - bad. I'm thinking Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. THis is why I get annoyed when he gets sick - when I get sick, life has to go on... no complaining. He turns into a giant man baby. So I'm thinking SPACE today is what's best. Originally today is my brother in laws birthday so we were all going to go out to dinner, but because sissy pants and I are annoyed with each other, husband is sick, I don't think that's gonna happen.

So - Off I go my fabulous Sparkpeople. You are very special to me. And Please know that this is my sanctuary and feel free to comment and use it as yours. It's awesome to have a safe space to get it all out!

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    I too have a man who can look at his phone for HOURS. Seriously sometimes I just have to be passive aggressive and say "I just love it when we're together and youre staring at Reddit on your phone." Not the healthiest way to deal with it but it usually snaps him out of it for like 10 minutes *shakes head*
    1625 days ago
    1627 days ago
    Take a vacation and feel better soon!
    1630 days ago
  • MARION320
    i will be rooting for u.
    1630 days ago
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