Saturday, November 02, 2013

as an emotional eater in general whether you are over weight or not - that barrier to sensible thinking and logic is completely ineffective when going thru a 'binge panic mode'.
it bothers me that products like PGX (which is not bad and of itself), Sensa and other fiber that 'blows up in the digestive tract to make you feel full' is marketed as a very simple alternative to help lose weight.
HELLO - when an emotional eater is in the throws of an attack - the food they eat is FILLING THEM - OVER FILLING THEM - if they were cognizant of that fact - and thinking clearly and logically - they would have stopped eating long before they got to the boiling point!!
i have seen people use these products and run into some very serious and painful health problems. if you don't drink the adequate amount of water so that those materials can be eliminated from the system - you not only have everything you shoved down your feelings with INSIDE YOU along with the same feelings which may be some what abated (but will return as sure as death and taxes), but you have cement like matter clogging your system.
please tell me what you have experienced- i know i am an intelligent person - but i admit i have a pantry full of fiber pills and powders - i have used PGX when it first appeared on the market - it did nothing for my weight loss and i was following a very good eating plan. most of the products i have sitting on the shelf have doubled in price over the past years - and like every other 'smoke and mirror' cockamamey idea that gets put out there - we fork over millions for stuff that is basically a scam or at the very best just plain useless without doing harm - we hope.
logically we all know there is no magic bullet- we also know the food industry is ripe and bursting with all kinds of bad frankenfoods that put on our pounds no matter how sensibly we watch what we eat - these salt and sugar laden products that set us up for craving anyway - so look out when we are in an emotional down spiral.
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    I agree.
    I have never taken supplements to help with appetite because I knew my appetite was not the problem.
    But we all want to have it easy and when we're desperate we want it bad enough to go against our better judgment.

    The companies know this and they are making so much money on people's desperation!
    1959 days ago
    Yes, I too have wasted SO much $ on the quick fix , something to help me lose weight.FINALLY in the last year i learned with this web site I KNOW what to do.
    For goodness sake, I've read MANY books & magazines , but it is my MINDSET that needs changing.
    NO pill can ever fix that emotional binge. Good topic emoticon
    1959 days ago
    So true. I gave up on those on those quick fixes and diet remedies a couple of years ago. I have always lost more weight and felt healthier while tracking my calories and getting some exercise. I agree that we know logically that they don't work, but emotionally we want to be fixed instantly. emoticon
    1965 days ago
    I think you have a good point. Logically we know better, but sometimes our emotions take over. We need to reign in out emotions to gain control over our bad choices. Easier said than done. I know I'm dealing with similar issues. emoticon
    1966 days ago
    I am very wary of all these pills or powders on the market promoted to help with weight loss. I definitely think they send the wrong message. I think if everyone focused on health and balance, changing their lifestyles, rather than taking some magic potion, these products would disappear from lack of demand and people would lose the weight and keep it off. The main problem with any of these miracle diet products is that even if they work and you do lose the weight, they don't teach you how to live in order to keep it off and be healthy. That's why I love SparkPeople!

    1966 days ago
    so true
    1966 days ago
    1966 days ago
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