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Friday, November 01, 2013

Well, I can't exactly say that life has been good to me this past week. I have:

*had three interviews, all of which have gotten me no where

*ended up with a chip/crack in my windshield. Thank you dump truck full of gravel!

*had a good number of headaches (plus a couple migraines thrown into the mix) AND

*discovered that the pot of soup I made a while ago apparently turned into a science experiment in the back of my fridge.

On the bright side, I learned today that I have a marvelous ability to scrap moldy soup out of a pot without further emptying my own lunch into the garbage can. I've dealt with just about every bodily fluid a human body can produce, and a good amount of cat puke in my day, but weeks old soup that's gone fuzzy is a different story.

Now that I've got the gross and somewhat embarrassing story out of the way, onto better things. I got rent paid today (yay!) so I have a month's reprieve until the next round of bills attack. I have been finding more opportunities lately. Surely one of them will work out. I'm no statistician but eventually someone has to give me a job right?

Perhaps the best news of all came after I got my parent's scale back to my apartment. They are kind enough to lend it to me for now. Initially, after moving out, I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to lose a bunch of weight, and get my butt in shape.

Well... things haven't exactly gone as planned, and the gym that sits less than a block away from my building (which by the way is "free" and accessible 24/7) has been wholly underutilized. Screw it, not just underutilized. I've never even gotten my sorry butt down there.

I have, however, at the prodding of my boyfriend, gone for several walks and done a bit of exercising in my apartment. So it's not all totally a waste. And with my apparent dislike for cooking in general and laziness, I am definitely NOT overeating. But calories are still calories, no matter how good they are or few they be. If you don't move, you don't lose.

And I have not been moving. Much. So after two months of eating and living and couch potatoing, and no way to monitor my weight, I was absolutely terrified to step on a scale again. Especially in light of having to size up again while jean shopping. (As if buying a size 16 wasn't bad enough, I had to search for an 18 and ended up with a 20. Though that does help me feel as though I am losing weight. I actually need a belt, for the first time in a long time!)

Instead of running from my fears though, I bit the bullet and checked my weight. Halloween ain't got nothing on that moment right there! Please don't be over 230, please don't be over 230! In all my life, I have never seen the scale tip to or past that number and I was so totally afraid I'd done it now.

224! 224! Holy relief Batman! Not only did I not gain any weight, I've pretty much maintained it this whole time! Granted, I would MUCH rather lose weight, but hey, at this point I'll take it!

So, no job yet, stress levels increasing, but I'm not getting any worse. Maybe I can do this.
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