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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worthy of sharing - this was in my devotional from this morning

"Freely Eat"
You may freely eat of every tree in the garden - Genesis 2:16

After God created Adam and Eve, He gave them some very simple dining instructions. Did He say, "You may freely eat of every Krispy Kreme on the street"? No. Did He say, "You may freely eat of every chip in the bag"? No. He did not tell them to freely eat fast food, frozen pizza, or even low-fat cookies.

God told Adam and Eve to eat from the garden, and we'd do well to stick to His advice. We've been inundated with an overwhelming amount of bad diet information from past decades and that has clouded the very simple truths of healthy eating: eat the foods that come from God, in as close a state as possible to how God made them, and you can't go wrong. Only when we get corrupted by the foods made by men in laboratories and factories do we get in trouble
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