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The Costumes We Wear

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Since it is Halloween, what better to talk about than the costumes we wear. No, I do not mean the long-bearded, camo-wearing costume of everyone's favorite Duck Commander , Si. Nor do I mean the once Disney child-tv-star turned "twerking" pop diva Miley Cyrus. However popular those and other fictional character, celeb favorite, funny pun, or creative monsters are going to be amongst adults in the hallways and cubicles of your workplace today, those are not the types of costumes I speak of. I speak of the costumes that we wear from day to day in our lives.

I for one have not actually dressed up in a costume for nearly 25 years. It just isn't my thing. I am not anti Halloween costume, I just either don't have any place to go to wear a costume, such a party, or, I just don't want to spend the money on something I am essentially going to wear one time. On a quick side note, I will admit that there is one costume that I will have to wear one of these years. As some of you know I work in Louisville, Kentucky which is the home of the Kentucky Derby. One of these days I will dress up as a jockey! How funny would it be to see a 6'7" 290 lb. jockey? I've almost lost more weight than the combined weight of two jockeys, but I digress.

I may not have worn an actual "Halloween Costume" in nearly 25 years, but the truth is I have worn many costumes since I last dressed up for Halloween. I have not worn the "traditional" funny or scary costumes that you will see knocking on your door looking for a Snickers or Butterfinger tonight but I have however worn the every day, real-life ones.

We all wear these costumes. We wear our Mom or Dad costumes. We wear our sister or brother costumes. We wear our daughter or son costumes. We wear our wife or husband costumes. These costumes are ones that we wear that are full of love and pride and don't want to change them for anything in the world!

But we have also been wearing this other costume. Often we have worn this costume for most of our lives. We wear this costume and we do not feel pride for ourselves with it on. We do not feel the love for ourselves that we should. We often wear this costume with shame and sadness. I know I did.

I am speaking of our "overweight" costume.

Much like a Darth Vader costume must come with a light saber, the "overweight" costume comes with accessories like shame, failure, and hopelessness.

We don't want this costume and it's accessories. We have tried to get rid of this costume many times and for many years, but it has stubbornly stayed on like a bad version of "Groundhog Day". It is a costume that we wear but we do not want any part of! If there were a life costume contest, we would slowly sneak out the side door when an announcement of "Is there anyone else who wants to enter the costume contest?" more!

To celebrate Halloween 2013, let's get to work on a new costume. Maybe some of us will work on our "progress" costumes while others will work on our "maintenance" costumes. Wherever you stand in your journey right now at Halloween 2013, let's start work towards our Halloween 2014 costume..."SUCCESS"! In 2014, we will enter our "success" costume in that costume contest!

The "success" costume comes with accessories like increased energy, confidence, and sense of accomplishment! The "success" costume is not something that is given to us. We must earn that costume! The "success" costume takes hard work and dedication! With that hard work and dedication, we will take home first prize in that costume contest...a happier and healthier lifestyle that we can be proud of wearing from that day forward!

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