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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I have been so spoiled the past 10 days with beautiful, glorious, sunny fall days! There is nothing better than walking (or running) among the fall leaves with the warmth of the sun on your face. If I could run in weather like this all of the time I would be a contented soul. And it is much harder to be sad when such beauty surrounds you!

Before I go further, thanks everyone for your kindness and support on my last blog! Words can't really describe how grateful I am. I am making progress slowly but surely, digging out of my depression and finding beauty in my new life stage. I have tried to respond to everyone individually, but want to say thanks again.

I have continued to work towards my 500 fitness minutes a week goal. Most weeks I have been hitting it. Last week I was at 450 and then ran out of time with Amanda and her friends here for the weekend. But that's okay. I figure that 450 is nothing to sneeze at and so much better than none at all. And I am still on track to make my goal of 2000 for the month. Giving myself kuddos here! Gotta keep this momentum going and remind myself of this pride I am feeling on those mornings that my alarm goes off and I would really rather stay in my soft, warm bed. Getting up and exercising in the dark has never been my favorite thing in the world although I am always glad later that I did it. Funny how that works.

Unfortunately, my weight is still bouncing around about where it was the last time I blogged. That part is a little frustrating. I am going to tighten up my diet some and stay the course. I am also going to make sure that strength training stays a big focus of my workouts. I don't want to neglect cardio, but think that ST has to be a big part too.

Last weekend I took Amanda and all of her roommates to Boise (closest real shopping) for the weekend. It was so fun to spend a few days together even with all of her roommates along for the ride. Man, I miss having that girl at home! Anyway, we splurged on nails and all sorts of yummy treats while doing our part to stimulate economic growth. :) The girls bought their Halloween costumes and I can't wait for pictures from Thursday! I spent most of my money on clothes for Amanda (yeah, she is a little spoiled :)) but also found a new perfume from Victoria Secret for myself along with a couple of sweatshirts that I really like and a purse and wallet on the clearance table at Macy’s. I LOVE shopping Ross and the clearance racks! One of the sweatshirts was “One World” made out of a super comfy cotton and it was only $10. Hard to beat that!

So this gives you a glimpse into my life as of late. I am working the rest of the week to stay the course and keep on track. I also plan to make sure that I allow myself a little extra time to get dressed in the morning so I have time for my whole make-up routine and super cute outfits.

We have these weird blue flies swarming right now. This is what I look like after a run. Yuck!

Driving to Boise!

I splurged! Probably one of the best scones ever. Maple/Walnut - yum!

New Hair Cut. Not too different but I feel so much better!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey there! I wanted to leave you a note and say how really sorry I am that you've been going through all this. Being an empty nester can really turn your world upside down I bet! Its probably a complete change for you and your husband, and it's going to really change the dynamic of your relationship and how you two interact together. This is from October so i hope that things have gotten a little better for you lately?

    I don't know all the back stories with your stepdaughters, but it sounds like you couldnt have been a better mother to them. And it's really very cool that Amanda and you are so close! Its hard to lose that "best friend". You definitely have the right to feel depressed, lost and just... crappy! Hopefully you've been able to help yourself out and move on a little.

    Now is going to be a perfect time for you to really focus on yourself and your health! So many things that used to fight for your attention are probably not there anymore! I know focusing on yourself isn't always a fun time, I know i don't always enjoy looking inward. I don't always like whats going on inside and it's better to just ignore it. But I know I can't.

    Let me know how things have been going! You're so strong- this too shall pass.
    1624 days ago
    What a great blog post.
    I love your new hair cut.
    1625 days ago
    Keep up the great work! My new goal is to get 1,000 fitness minutes this month and I'm 100 away. 2,000 is amazing! You are an inspiration! And your hair looks fab. :)
    1640 days ago
    OMG!! Those flies are insane!

    How many roommates does Amanda have??!!?

    I think you look could pass for the older sister rather than your daughter's mom
    1655 days ago
    WOW YOUR HAIR LOOKS GORGEOUS!!! Fall colors are awesome. Keep it up!
    1657 days ago
    I ADORE the new haircut!!! It looks so sleek and chic! I have to admit that the pics of all the blue flies on your face had me giggling. I know my luck would be that I end up inhaling a few of those suckers!haha
    1659 days ago
    Aw I love this post. It must be really hard having your babies leave home emoticon
    1663 days ago
    Sounds like you are having a great time! I hear ya, those pretty fall days are awesome to get out and just run! Not too cold, not to hot! it's perfect! I am happy to see you enjoy your work! It's super important, and giving yourself credit for it is a must! :)
    Keep up the spirits! emoticon emoticon
    1665 days ago
    Keep up the great work! As my trainer has told me time and time again, strength training is so important. You may actually gain weight at first because your body is converting fat into muscle, and that is ok. Don't worry about it or let it discourage you. Just keep doing all the right things like you are doing and it'll come. Slow and steady wins the race--hard for me to keep in my mind, but all the folks I've encountered who have been successful w/ keeping fit and making a lifestyle change lost weight or gained muscle gradually and they've maintained successfully as a result and haven't gained fat back. My trainer has me focus on fitness goals instead of "do I weigh xyz number." For instance, we have a goal for me to deadlift 80 lbs. Right now, he has me at 45 lbs, but I know I will get there and just tracking the exercises and reps/weight I can lift in a notebook and looking back totally helps see the progress. It's amazing how much you can accomplish and it sure feels good to look back and be like "wow, a few weeks ago I could only do this many reps or this much weight and now I can do more!" Perhaps that'd help to motivate and focus less on "how many lbs am I?" and more on "look how much stronger and leaner I'm getting!" Anyhow, keep rockin' and rollin'! You're doing great!!! emoticon
    1666 days ago
    lol, I love the picture with the flies, so grossly awesome! :-D We've got the fall colors here in droves too, but sadly the temperature has definitely taken it's yearly stroll into the chilly side of things. I could really go for some of that sun's warmth on my skin right about now. For my workouts, I've always made a rule of thumb to do at least 30 minutes of cardio each time, and then 40 or so minutes of strength training. Cardio will always burn more calories when you're working up a sweat, but strength training makes you feel good about yourself and increases your overall metabolism - as your body uses more energy to sustain and heal your muscles in between workouts. Good luck with the diet side of things, look forward to hearing how your next week goes in regard to that! :-D P.S. lovely haircut!!
    1666 days ago
  • IRP1114
    Couldn't agree more! It really is hard not to appreciate nice fall days ; )! SO happy to hear you are doing so much better. Glad you all got out to have a good time. I have not had a "girls shopping day" in years! Seriously years lol! Can't even remember one right now.
    Way to go hitting those fitness min!!! That is awesome!! Love the hair! And about the weight. Hey at least you are maintaining right!? I know when I go through any depression I instantly gain even with workouts!! So now that you are getting yourself in a better mindset maybe things will all come together and you will see the results you want! emoticon
    1666 days ago
    OMG! I can't get over that fly pic! I would be so freaked out!!!!!

    I'm glad that you are coming out of the depression and it sounds like you are taking good care of yourself! That's great that you treated yourself on your shopping trip. I love Ross, too. You really can't beat the prices and they have such cute stuff.

    Congrats on the 2000 fitness minutes! You are an exercise machine! emoticon
    1666 days ago
    I love the haircut! It looks so great on you. I wish my area got fall weather. And fall colors. And had some fun wilderness to walk/run/hike in- that didn't have rattlesnakes, scorpions, or vinegaroons. None of those in town... just out in the desert "wilderness". I can imagine the area you're in having wonderful places to be!
    1666 days ago
    I love fall runs- perfect, cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage. Cute new cut- you look so young! emoticon
    1666 days ago
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