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The Thanksgiving Question

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have been asked by quite a few people how I'm going to handle Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I have a very uncomplicated, supportive and understanding family so I am under no real pressure to fix or even attend a big, fattening, American fat fest on Thanksgiving. Why do we Americans take everything sacred, every beautiful occasion and turn it into something kind of vulgar and all about consumption. MORE presents, MORE booze, MORE food. (sigh) I'm kind of over it. I want to be with loved ones, eating something that make me feel great and watching some football. For that, I will be extremely thankful. LOL I realize that some people have much more complicated family expectations but for me, it is simple. No traditional meal or comfort food is worth losing what I've gained. I was literally crippled with my weight and with disease so no way am I giving that up for a pumpkin pie or even my mom's stuffing. My Mom has passed and her stuffing is a big tradition for us. But I promise if you put in a call to Heaven and ask her, she will tell you that my good health and the amazing new habits I have cultivated are way more important to her than any food. I don't need that stuffing to feel close to her. I have looked up amazing, beautiful and yummy recipes that will not damage my body that I can celebrate with.
All that being said, if you aren't as lucky as I am in this area, you have to decide what is best for you. A lot of people are juicing or dieting right up to Tday and then just letting themselves completely off the hook for a couple of hours during that meal and then getting right back on juice fast or their diet. At least that is their plan. I suspect it will be a struggle for a lot of people. I also know quite a few who are going to go to the family gathering and have some nice lean turkey breast and a big helping of salad and some fruit and call it good. Everyone has to make their own decision. For someone who was as bad off as I was and then given a miracle, it is an easy decision. Mainly because this isn't my "diet." This is the way I eat now.
My friend Jana posted a pic the other day that pretty much says it for me. "Don't give up what you want MOST for what you want RIGHT NOW."
Natalie Michaele

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  • ANNETTE117
    That is awesome. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanksgiving should be about family and watching football. I too am a Broncos fan.
    1658 days ago
    I can't imagine juicing almost all my meals and then having a big thanksgiving meal. I'd rather have moderation. What to do, to each their own, I guess!

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational quote. I thought that was really nice. Have a good weekend!

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    100+ Pounds Team
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    1661 days ago
    I quite agree with what your friend Jana posted!

    I am one of those people you mentioned that will be juicing up until Thanksgiving day, enjoying the traditional family meal and then getting back to my regimen. Fortunately, my choice to juice has nothing to do with the fact that the holidays are coming up. I started that process back in July, and have not once thought of "being able to be let off the hook for a few hours" as the primary benefit. I'm the type who finds it hard to find the time to cook a healthy meal (despite working from home). I'm not great with incorporating veggies into a traditional meal, so instead I juice and drink 2 times a day to ensure that I'm getting the proper amount of veggies and fruits in. It's a healthy time-saver, and I can easily control my calorie, sodium, cholesterol and fat intake etc.

    The benefit though, is that I can afford to enjoy our usual Thanksgiving meal without too much worry. I will still stick to my eating plan for breakfast and lunch that day, and will still work out. Dinner is the only thing that will change and I usually come in so far under my calorie / fat / sodium / cholesterol limits for the week that I'm not too terribly concerned. I will watch my portions, and won't overdo it on extras like gravy. I won't add salt to anything, and I'll drink water instead of soda or juice. That's the best I feel I can do at this point. I'm a Southerner, and I [unfortunately] look forward to my Dad's awesome cooking this time of year. He is diabetic, so he doesn't overdo it either. But we'll enjoy and get back to business the next day.

    Everyone enjoy your holiday (however you celebrate it) safely and with those you love!
    1662 days ago
    I agree that it should be about friend and family, not food. I will be having small portions of whatever I want on Thanksgiving. I will not focus on the food, I will focus on the people.
    1662 days ago
    Nice post!

    Dr. McDougall's current newsletter has some interesting thoughts about Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

    Here's the part that I think we should all read:

    "This time of year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays frighten many people who eat a healthy diet. They wonder how to socialize with friends and how to prepare a meal in their home. These two days are supposed to be the largest feasts of the year. Yet in fact, both dinners are the healthiest, most vegetarian-like, most McDougall-like meals people eat all year long. Traditionally, these holiday dinners consist of mashed white potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, a bread stuffing, butternut and acorn squash, cranberries, and a variety of green vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and green beans. For dessert, pumpkin pie ends the feast. That's a cornucopia of starches and vegetables. The turkey served is the leanest of all common meats. The truth is that every other dinner consumed by Westerners all year long is far richer in fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar than is eaten at these two traditional festivals. Therefore, if you are a healthy eater you will find Thanksgiving and Christmas the two most comfortable times of the year to socialize with all of your family and friends. I have laid out the menu, shopping list, and time schedule so that you will be able to more easily prepare a successful meal. The starred (*) items are ones I suggest for a basic meal plan, and then add as many more dishes as you feel your Thanksgiving dinner needs to fit your celebration."
    1662 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon You have been doing sooooooooooooooooooooo emoticon that you need to do what you have to do for the holidays to keep up the great work you have done (I mean really you couldn't walk very much and now look at you)

    I'm sooo glad your family is all behind you that will be a BIG help.
    1662 days ago
    Love the quote! Thank you for a timely blog.

    1663 days ago
    Great post. Thanksgiving, like every other day, is about choices and portion control.
    Love the quote. I really should post that in a busy place so I'll stumble across it often :)
    1663 days ago
    I agree I have a sign that states: Food you have craved for an hour or the body you have craved for a lifetime!!! I will go portion control and eating right this thanksgiving!!
    1663 days ago
    I forget where I read this, but I will be making islands instead of continents on my plate at Thanksgiving. Basically I will take a little of the things that I want and make sure that they don't touch on my plate. And of course I shall record everything!

    We all need to tackle each holiday in our way to get through the temptations.

    Personally just looking abck on what you have achieved so far and then reminding yourself that it is just one meal makes a difference in how I approach it.

    Good luck on sticking to your guns on this! Remember to make the choice that is right for you.
    1664 days ago
    Well stated. I enjoy some of the traditional foods but I also control my portions. Blessings on your celebration. emoticon
    1664 days ago
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