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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well, it's been great, but it is time to come down off of the cloud 9 of success story and popular blog and get back to the routine. Routine. Such an interesting word. Today I've been thinking about the routine and routines and the things I do routinely.

When I was a kid, fat though I was, I took baton lessons and tap lessons. Routines were something I learned to do precisely step by step the same way every time. I remember one competition routine to the Star Spangled Banner that although I have not performed it for 55 years, I still remember some of the steps. Without such precise routines the recital of dance groups would just be chaos and the individual competitor might leave out a required element.

Routine has been my friend at times and routine has been my downfall. There have been times I've resisted having routines, thinking that it kills spontaneity and creativity. Recently I have come to acknowledge the importance of my Flylady routines. Although I don't do them step by step the same every day, there is value to scissor kicking the sheets before I get out of bed and finishing the making process in seconds, followed by bathroom and swishing and swiping, and getting dressed to the shoe laces immediately after. Following Flylady routines I can actually be more spontaneous and perhaps creative because I'm not wasting my thinking time on the mundane -- I've got those things automatically covered.

We talk a lot about eating habits and our active lifestyle, both good concepts. But when I think about my grocery planning and cooking routines, I'm thinking about my movements and the order in which I do things which lead to the meal results that become my eating habits. I recognize that some of my success is due to the way I clear the table and store the leftovers and plan to use those leftovers to make more healthy meals. Some of my previous problems were because I didn't stash and wisely use leftovers. Making that grocery list and thinking ahead are steps to success. Even today, I just don't eat as healthy when I try to wing it.

And when I packed my gym bag last evening, I thought about having clean sports bras and running socks always available. I remembered 4 or 5 years ago when I was establishing exercise routines and how if I would just put my shoes on I'd be much more likely to stick to my planned activity.

As I was writing this blog, I decided to look up the word routine just to make sure I'm not way off base. I found two definitions 1. "a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program" and 2."performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason." I was really thinking more of definition one, but definition two is also important. The regular procedures I develop for eating and exercise are truly more important to my success than the birthday meal or the occasional meal out.

So, today for me it is back to routine. I have good healthy eating and exercise routines. I'll continue to look for ways to improve them, but most of all, I will recognize and value that my routines are crucial for my success and happiness.
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