Day 498 - Sticking to plans

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You know what the hardest thing is about getting your lifestyle under control?

It's avoiding early burnout.

Pacing, as it turns out has it's place in all things - not just in running or racing. This week, I'm taking slow, careful steps into getting back into a healthier lifestyle. So far, I'd say I've kept up about half of what I need to be doing, and that's not too bad.

The things I want to do:

1. Run 3 -4 times a week
2. Eat healthy, properly portioned meals
3. Walk more
4. Establish a balanced routine
5. Incorporate new exercises into my life

Of those five things all of them are governed by number 4. Balance. How many times have I found myself too far to one end of the spectrum at the detriment of other things in my life? For example, yes, I can run five days a week if I choose; but, then my house in a nasty mess and I'm hardly present at work and I want to EAT ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME. Five days a week is too much.

Or, how about the time I discovered some DELICIOUS healthy recipes I could make and then proceeded to eat three times the serving size? No balance there.

Let's not even mention the time I biked so much that I got so tired of just LOOKING at the thing. Burnout = a picture of me charred to a crisp and ornery looking on top of a bike.

Balance requires not only attention and planning, but restraint for me. I have what I'll call an addictive personality. When I find something new and I'm excited I tend to jump into it with both feet - chewing it down and consuming it until I'm so full of it that it hurts. Sort of like how I watched the four and a half seasons of Breaking Bad in five days. Yeah, that kind of addiction.

So, I've been trying to ease into my activities of choice. I'm inching back into racing and running with the plan to do at most a race a month. I've packed my lunches and I'm trying to not get too bent out of shape when I forget them - this isn't routine yet. Lastly, instead of doing a run day AND an Insanity day - I'm picking one or the other, and it's okay to not feel ike doing either. There's a time to push and a time to relax.

I think balance is all about being careful and caring about yourself. About knowing that excess isn't going to give as much as just the right amount of something would. Last night I had all of these grand plans for this morning. I'd get up early! I'd take Jack for a walk! I'd get to work early! I'd have my packed lunch! I'd bring my workout clothes and go for a run after work! I'd be the best employee EVAR! I'd be AMAZING.

Well, I did get up early; but, I wound up just snuggling with Jack for an hour. Then I got to work on time; but, I did cajole myself into parking across the bridge. I had a healthy, tasteful breakfast (coffee and banana for the win) and I remembered my lunch I packed. I'm feeling rested and accomplished. I'm still Amazing. I've made good choices.

Sparkfriends, it's all about the lens you choose to view things through. I could have looked at missing my plans last night as a failure - instead, well, I'm happy with how I feel today. I'm happy I'm taking the steps I am instead of no steps at all.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon yes ma'am! pacing!

    and 4.5 seasons of breaking bad in five days?! my emotional brain can't handle that lol I had to space it out because the show is so dark.
    2173 days ago
    That is a great way to look at things. Baby steps girl, baby steps. You will get there. You have got this! Keep on trucking! I am proud of you that you are making a new start. It isn't that easy but I know you will succeed. emoticon
    2176 days ago
    I think you make a great point about balance. It seems to me this is exactly why people fail to make the changes they want in their lives because they try to make the pendulum swing back the other way and find they can't sustain it.
    2177 days ago
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