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WIN Reflection 10/30/13

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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emoticon Good Morning Friends. Happy Angels Day/Night! (Yes I know, technically its Devils night but here in the D we celebrate Angels Night emoticon )

emoticon So had to come home last night and re-do my report. I did do 4 complete pages and submit it to him for his approval. It is due tomorrow and I have to had it in person. So have to drop it off either tonight while I am at the college or tomorrow on my way home from the kids school. Won't be in class tomorrow for trick or treating. Supposed to be warm, windy and rainy tomorrow...wonderful. Oh well, we have umbrellas emoticon . Have to stop in to see my professor before class tonight for advising and getting my permissions to take 500 level class next semester. It looks like I will take Acc 510 with my Fraud Acc 460 class (which will probably be the same issues like this semester since I have to have HIM errr) since that one will be easier than 540 (which is the one they closed that I actually need) and acc 541 which was just another option. The only thing that stinks about taking the easier course is its MW class 5-6:15 and Fraud is T/TH 5-6:15 so I will be in class 4 days per week. Tomorrow I have the day off for the kids Halloween parties. Jay's is in the morning and Evie's is in the afternoon. Then home to get them ready for trick or treating. Meeting Evie's friend and mom at 5:45 at their house. Going to be a fun day!

emoticon I was down .6 of a lb this week. Surprised me, thought it would be more with my cupcakes binge this weekend. My goal was 1 lb and I fell just under but hey its a lose, any loss is a WIN for me!!!

emoticon Eating was not that great. I had 4 cupcakes Saturday, 4 on Sunday, NONE Monday, and 2 yesterday. Staying away from them, they can be thrown out as far as I care. I think I have lost all those cravings. We did only got out to eat 1 time this week and that was only because I told my MIL we would get Chinese because she was craving it. She has been doing so much to help and wont take any money so I wanted to take her at least out to eat. The kids tried Monday and Tuesday to get me to hit McDonalds for breakfast but even though I was intrigued I said no. Jason also wanted Wendy's Monday night for dinner, I thought about it and just walked out the door without his debit card so I wouldn't go for it :) NSV's for me YAY!!!

emoticon I met my overall FM goal but I did not get my 3 extra high intensity cardio sessions in or any ST beyond TNT. So this is something I really have to keep working on. Its really hard to fit into this stupid schedule of mine.

emoticon Met only 2/7 goals from last week. My FM goal and no fast food 6 days goal. So need to focus and get more disciplined and FIND MORE TIME!!!

emoticon Goals for the week:
1. Lose 1lb (BLC 23 1.8lb/week, Fall 5% 1.28lb/week)
2. Cardio 30+m 6 days
3. High Intensity cardio 3-15+m sessions
4. ST TNT on Wednesday and 3 additional sessions
5. No junk food BINGES 3/7 days (this is different from last week because I am allowing myself 1-2 pieces of candy or whatever each day as I know I will sneak into their candy so as long as I don't binge I will be happy)
6. No Fast food 6/7 days

Have a wonderful day and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Be safe and have fun!!!

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