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Confusion of Healthy Eating

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ok, I am really really confused with all of this healthy eating crap let alone the bad eating crap.

I was reading a study because I want to learn more about diabetes. Ok, stumbling around and I don't believe all the crap on the internet, but here is the low down.

Heart Healthy Diets we were told to cut out the fat. To lose weight, cut out the fat. As many know adding in FATS is a good thing, but healthy fats. Is this unlimited, no, should be done in moderation, but really we need to add in healthy fats.

Ok, heart healthy diets cut out having a lot meats, want you to do more carbs, and lean protein.

Well, the higher carbs people eat tend to make us diabetic.

Ok, now to understand the GI and the GL...this is even more confusing, but you want to have Low GI - 55 or less and GL of 10 or less.

Here is a list of a few:

Celery, cooked 4.5
Kale, cooked 3.63
cucumber 1.8
Brussels Sprouts, cooked 4.5
cabbage, cooked 2.16
Lettuce, iceberg, .69
Romaine 0.67
asparagus, cooked 2.63
spinach, cooked 1.35
Squash, 2.91
Tomatoes 3.54

Avocados 2.39
Raspberries 4.77
Strawberries 4.72

mac nuts 4.83
pecans 4.2

Meat / Fish:

Caviar 4.00
Crab .95
Lobster 1.28
Shrimp 0.00

Eggs and Dairy
butter: 0.06
buttermilk, lowfat 4.79
cheese, cheddar 1.28
cheese, edam 1.43
Gouda 2.22
swiss 3.38
cream 2.66
cottage 2% 3.63
eggs 1.22
half and half 4.30
heavy cream 2.79
goat milk 4.45
Mayo 2.7
Milk 1% added solids 4.97
ricota cheese whole milk 3.04

There are more items but these are like free fruits/meats/veggies particularly for diabetes.

Low GI/Low GL

All Bran Cereal
Qia Superfood (I love)
Apples (6,38)
Carrots (3,47)
Chana dal (3,8)
Grapes (8,46)
Green peas 3, 48
kidney beans 7,28
oranges 5,42
peaches 5,42
peanuts 1,14
pears 4,38
pinto beans 10,39
red lentils 5,26
strawberries 1,40
sweet corn 9, 54

Low GL and medium GI
Beets 5,64
Cantaloupe 4,65
pineapple 7,59
table sugar 7,68

Post more...have to go...don't judge until I have completed this will want to come back later when I edit

Ok, I am back. Ok, I woke up, my sugars were 140 fasting...high...not good. What does this mean, I don't know. I ate Qia for my breakfast, my sugar went up 10 points 150. This is normal and good for eating low GI so this I do want, but I want my numbers lower. After eating 150 or less is good so I accomplished that. I am trying to figure out why my numbers are high for fasting in morning recently.

Ok, I ate 6 cranraisins covered in chocolate last night and 3 tsp of low sugar peanut butter. hmmmm I suspect that did it....particularly the cranraisins and the 73% higher little square of dark chocolate. The other observation I've made is I am having my menstrual, but not really and what I mean by that, bloating, symptoms, and spot or two of blood and then I am done. I have this then it stops or goes away for a few days and my sugars drop to lower and my exercise increases.

I did a small walk, nothing to brag about. I need to do some kind of exercise and am tired and lazy feeling. Guess I will force myself.

Ok, one of the studies suggest heart healthy diet contribute to diabetes. It certainly helped cause the heart attack because I cut out all fat and brought my levels too low without knowing it. Ok, I found I ate more carbs then anything and now I am diabetic. Now that I do more fats and protein, less carbs or low carbs, my sugars go lower.

Oh my gosh, how confusing is it all, and who is right and who is wrong.

What do I do? One dietician says one thing, this one another, this doctor says one thing, another says something different, and all so contradictory too.

I can't even wrap my mind around the information given to me and what I read.

Some of it makes sense while some of it doesn't. One thing I can agree or actually get agreement on from my heart doctor and physician is that eating mostly green veggies, protein, healthy fats, I shouldn't go wrong.

This is not heart healthy diet, nor diabetic, but is what I have been reading and trying to do. Studies have shown that numbers improve, weightloss is achieved, lipids improve, sugar levels improve. There is not enough study on this yet.

One thing mentioned, is exercise, how much of a role does it play. I think it plays a big role when it comes to our sugar levels. When I was doing the really low with lots of exercise, my numbers were lower. With little exercise, still movement, but all considered as light not moderate, I am higher but not bad. and light to none, I am bad. So to now to monitor my levels before and after exercise. I am going to go take a bike ride, come back and check my blood.

Quick observation too is that I love buffet (ours) as it is shrimp, crab, oysters sometimes, clams, lobster, and my sugar levels are low. Hmmm, If you look at the chart under meats, those are very low in GI and GL and under free list which to me makes perfect sense, yet they are classified under heart healthy as high in cholesterol, yet some studies suggest the cholesterol is good for you....lot of controversy in that area. When I eat other things, my numbers are higher. I made stew/veggie soup - all healthy, low and had beef...ok, my number was in range but higher. Hmmm. Ok, I know some people get it or think they get it when it comes to these numbers, but let me tell you, when you are diagnosed with diabetes, and you hear tons of bad things about it, you are over weight, you have heart issues, you are fairly young, you been trying to do everything perfect or follow advice / food plans, etc...and things just get worse, it really makes you question things.

Ok, I did an easy bike ride, I walked over with hubby to have home made tomato soup which did not have a milk base (get recipe later). It did have a little parmesian cheese, but yum. It was some of the best tasting soup; however, I probably am too high in sodium. It should be low on the GL and GI and I ordered the chicken sandwich without the bun and he made it like a salad for me and no dressing. I ate only deck size of cards amount. I am so so full, but two cups of tomato soup filling. I did drink 16 oz of water with it. I took the leftover chicken home and we ordered two large soups to go. I am excited to get recipe to have at home.
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