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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So... yesterday/today was/has been interesting.

A coworker recently side-graded (as opposed to upgraded) to a new position in a different department, leaving me with some interesting problems. Problem #1: I can barely keep up with my work and cannot take on hers. Problem #2: I was left with the Mezzanine. Yes, that's right, the Mezzanine.

What is the Mezzanine, you ask? That would be the 2nd floor, barely-insulated, raccoon (and possibly rat)-infested file room filled with boxes from 20 years ago. The room she has been trying to empty for years because it's a fire hazard, and because raccoons give her the hibijibies (I can't judge: a rat, mouse, raccoon, or even a bear is fine, but show me a spider and you get a girlie scream and a gibbering idiot).

So yesterday I collected two students (*cough* I mean "casual workers who are students in the summer") and we went up to organize the Mezzanine. Because -- finally -- someone was coming to shred around 300 or so of our boxes. Not all of them, mind you, as the archival department (our arch-nemeses, as it were) wants some of the pooped-upon, half-eaten files. So we had to separate what needs to be kept from what needed to be destroyed. I spent about an hour upstairs with the "students" before heading to a meeting, but they were good enough to stick around and finish organizing for me (WOO!).

So, this morning (at a balmy -6) , I met up with the gentlemen from the file-disposal/storage folks to have those boxes... removed. It only took 2 hours of me standing outside "supervising" (wait, you mean I DON'T have to lift the gross, dusty, possibly biohazardous boxes for once?) to get the bloody things sent off in a secure truck for disposal.

Now -- of course -- I am doing my best to get warm again. Without falling asleep (which is considered bad form at work). Also: guess who's yoghurt is missing from the fridge! Yay! So I ate half my sammich from my lunch to try to perk me up, and have the heater going full blast. My tea, however, is sadly cold: I forgot to turn on the mug warmer under the pot emoticon

Plans for this week to help get me going again post-familial visit (my reason for my absence last week): Climbing Sunday (on the problems left over from Saturday's competition! I'm quite impressed with myself, even though I'm still sore!), bellydance yesterday (for the first time in a month... I may also be sore from that tomorrow), climbing today (on yet more of those competition problems, and the new ones they're putting up!), swimming tomorrow (post-massage), and climbing Thursday. You see, this weekend I will have a semi-activity-filled weekend: I'll be playing foosball in a tournament in Syracuse. This will be my first official on-the-books, my-score-actually-means-someth
ecome-a-rated-player tournament. Not that I expect to win anything, but I'm going! My calves are going to be sore. Break out the heels!

However; odds are good that I won't be doing much exercise. I'll see if I can't get a day pass to check out pacifichealthclub.com/ 's climbing gym, but they don't advertise prices or anything on their website. We shall see if they happen to even offer them, or if it's ONLY open to members.

Anyhoo... that's my life in a nutshell at the moment!

Hope everyone else's life is slightly less crazy!
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    Sometimes the reward for doing a good job is more work. Sometimes not.

    They cut my wife's hours at work because she is extremely efficient. I have consistently told her to take all the time she is given for a task. Some of her supervisors have thought she must have rushed and did poor work. Actually, her work quality is far better than her peers.

    It sounds like you handled the Mezzanine with dispatch.

    Good Luck, Bruce
    1962 days ago
    Good luck with your activities plan for this weekend! emoticon
    1966 days ago
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what?! That sounds insane! I hope that you guys had some sort of protective covering over your mouths?! UGH NASTY. Take a shower! lol. A very warm one - that might help?!

    Have fun in the 'Cuse and hope you warm up soon!
    1968 days ago
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