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It's MORE than just about the BLING

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I enjoy making things with my hands. I'd rather create it myself than purchase something someone else has made...even if the cost is a bit more. I want to make things my own. This past weekend i completed a wall project...

To some people this wall may be a showcase of the events i've completed. To show off the BLING i've received for completing certain events.

That's not what it is to me.

For me, this is my inspiration wall. I can easily sit on my bed and stare at this wall and just ponder how different my life is NOW compared to just a few years ago.

A few years ago I could barely walk a mile without wheezing, being short of breathe and having my feet hurt. Today I can run and BREATHE and enjoy life as if i'm living it for the first time. I can go further and faster and my heart loves me for it.

A few years ago i hated...actually, i secretly longed to belong to some sort of group where i could fit in. I never thought it would be a competitive group such as this...the running world,all these races i've been in, the people, for the most part, are encouraging. They see me, still a big girl, out there giving it my all. THAT'S WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT and they know it!

Just to try...just to gather up the courage to try and dare to be more than what you thought you could ever do...

I can easily stare at this wall and the tears will start streaming down my cheeks...

I'm MORE than what i ever thought i was...

I'm more than what I thought i was capable of doing or being...

AT some point I realized I was more and I decided to go after it. I decided to stand up, put on my shoes and just get out there. That's where it all starts..just winning the battle over ourselves to just TRY.

So this wall is so much more than the bling and bibs that hang on it. It's the dreams that went behind each one of them. It's the goals I set for myself before any of the bibs ever came into my hands. It's the notion that I am more and capable of more. It's a showcase of love...of dedication...of dreams...of's my wall and it tells me that i decided to love myself and think of myself as something greater than i once believed.

It's my wall of's my love letter to myself...I finally told myself that I loved me enough to change my life...

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