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Dogs, Bagels, and Karma

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Friend,

By 9 PM I couldn't take it anymore. The same dog was tied to the same tree. Still barking. I watched from the balcony in my bedroom as it stared at the back door and barked to come in. At first I wasn't sure if my neighbor was home. Perhaps he had just abandoned the house and the dog by extension. My feelings changed from annoyance to outrage at some point after dinner. It is one thing to let your dog out at night and let it bark for a while. That is inconsiderate. It is quite another to leave the animal chained up for at least 48 hours, overnight in the freezing cold. I had worked up a pretty good case of righteous indignation as the night progressed.

I was trying to read my book, but every time the dog barked I became more offended and more angry. I finally put on some clothes and drove around the block to have a conversation with my new "neighbor".

It will come as no surprise, gentle reader, that he was exactly the bastard you would expect him to be. After ringing the door bell several times, he finally deigned to answer the door. I am pretty sure he was high. I told him as rationally as possible that it was unacceptable to keep the dog out all night. It was keeping me awake and it was cold. His response - "The dog knows what he did to deserve it".

I have actually gotten angrier over the past 12 hours or so. My mind couldn't process the level of dickery inherent in that statement. Luckily my temper simmers just below the surface and my more anti-social tendencies came to the forefront. I told this "person" that none of this was my problem and I expected the dog to be in. I was not asking him, but instead telling him. I am happy to report that even at 36 my naked aggression had the intended effect. The dog was in the house before I got home.

I am not usually moved to do this sort of thing. I am surprised at how angry all this made me. In keeping with the vampire motif of this blog, I really wanted to go over there and tear him apart and leave his body as food for the dog. It is violent I know, but you have to admit there is a certain wonderful irony in that outcome.

So I feel like I have done my bit of good for the week. I am sure this is not over, but I suspect it will quiet down for a few weeks. My experience is that people like my "neighbor" are cowards. I put him in his place but, as he is obviously a piece of human garbage, he will rise to some new provocation out of spite and base cunning. Pity you can't run the riff raff through with a sword anymore. Ah, the good old days.

On to lighter topics, no pun intended. My diet is going well. I managed to get through the first day of not eating solid food with little ill affect or discomfort. I also had a small victory this morning. It is bagel Tuesday and I love bagels, particularly free ones. I have resisted and am contently drinking my morning goop - the Green Goodness I posted a photo of yesterday. I am hopeful I can get through today with out too much trouble.

I feel like I have acquired at least a little good karma. To that end I am entertaining the idea of buying myself a present.

What do you think? I feel like it has a certain flair to it, like something a vampire would drive.

I hope you are enjoying our time together,

Your Friend,

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  • MMS48390
    I am glad you went and said something to that guy! I wish I could have been there to kick him in the shin too. I don't understand people, if you aren't going to take a pet then don't get one, it's that simple. I am sure you will continue to have issues with him, good luck! I am agree with Linda going the ASPCA route. Good job on not eating a bagel! I love bagels and basically anything that is bread lol. That is a snazzy looking car! I might or might not try and bribe you into letting me drive it :D Any big plans for the week? Have a good one!
    2307 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Good for you putting that loser in his place (though you are right, he sounds like future trouble) You are lucky to be a male. No way a female would get away with that. I would go with the ASPCA route. They could rescue the poor thing and put it in a good home.
    Great willpower resisting your favorite treat!
    The car would be awesome! I always felt the older cars had much more sass & class then the newer ones.
    2307 days ago
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