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Tomorrow is the big day!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First thing tomorrow I'm heading to the gym to sign up and hit the pool. I haven't been in the pool in years, but when I was younger it was the only physical activity I ever actually enjoyed. I'm hoping I will feel that way again. My doctor said she wanted me to start swimming because it won't cause injury to my feet, and I want to start swimming because I always loved it. Hopefully it will be as wonderful as the doctor and I think it will be!

Today has been okay. The Buddy and I didn't get to walk this morning. Mostly it boiled down to me not falling asleep til 4 am and not waking up in time to go. I was pretty sad about that, I was looking forward to it. My body had other plans I guess.

Food wise I have done pretty good. I made ham, broccoli cheese and rice casserole for dinner, which was really good. I had a big pile of steamed veggies with mine. Through the course of the day I also had a grilled chicken salad, a turkey sandwich, and pretzels with salsa. Unfortunately very early this morning I had mini muffins and milk. The calories weren't out of control with the mini muffins, but I'm sure it was enough to put me over my calories for the day. I haven't gone hog wild today, though, so I'm halfway on track.

Does anyone have suggestions to share of their most filling breakfasts? I'm going to wait to eat after I swim, cause I was always starving after being in the water. But I need to figure out what to eat that will fill me up without making me overeat and negate my activity. My plan is egg whites and salsa with toast and a banana. That's usually pretty filling. Any other suggestions?

I'm definitely cooking again tomorrow. I'm making chicken, potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker, letting it cook in fat free Italian dressing. Good stuff.

The highlight of the day? Persimmons. I had to go to the store to get more fruit and they had persimmons. I almost did a happy persimmon dance in the middle of Meijer. I LOVE them, and I knew it was approaching persimmon season, so I've been watching for them. Now I have a bag of them waiting for me in the kitchen. Yum!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday!

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    Yeah for fitness? Do they have water aerobics at your gym? I highly recommend it because its a great way to start. emoticon
    1668 days ago
    One of my breakfast options is: low cal whole wheat bread, veggie patty, lettuce, tomato and a little light mayo. Add a piece of fruit and your favorite no cal hot drink (for me it's herbal tea) and you're good to go - easy, filling and diet friendly. If I don't have a veggie patty an egg will do.
    1668 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    i eat sugar free oatmeal with carbwise yogurt, an apple and mozzarella cheese stick for early breakfast at work..That is when I burn the most calories in the ay... Peanut butter, low fat cheese and egg whites are great proteins to keep you going until you get home.. not fast food..
    you can load up on veggies at home and lots of water.. you WILL sweat in that pool if it is aerobics.. I did in college and could not believe you could sweat in a pool!

    1668 days ago
    1669 days ago
    Glad that you're getting started on swimming. Swimming is always fun. And the food sounds yummy, I have to admit. For breakfast, I like to have a chocolate protein shake. Quick and easy to make and it keeps me going for about 3 or so hours. I use 1 cup of almond milk, a banana, 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder to tame down the chocolate flavor a bit (I'm not a chocoholic), and 5 unsalted almonds and blend in a blender. If you ever wanted to give it a try.
    1669 days ago
    Hmm - breakfast idea? I make these for myself and mk - and it balances well with her diabetes restrictions too. Toast a whole wheat english muffin (more fiber- keeps you feeling full longer), fried egg (protein- fuel and last longer)- (olive oil spray), 2 pieces of turkey bacon done in the microwave, and half a piece of sliced cheese - american, cheddar, or swiss. Yummy, loaded with protein and fiber so it will keep ya from getting hungry so fast.
    1669 days ago
    I love water aerobics. Haven't been able to find the time to make it to any of the scheduled ones in my town, but if you are able, you should give it a shot - it's fun, and you can modify the exercise intensity to suit your abilities, plus it hides the flailing limbs under the water so I feel less ridiculous than I do in regular exercise classes :)

    But I also have found lately that I eat more often. I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack. Sounds like a lot but they are small meals - seems to work for me so I don't get so hungry, have you tried it? Just fewer calories, good balance of protein and carbs/fiber every meal...anyway have fun at the pool chica!
    1669 days ago
    I find if I don't eat some fat for breakfast I'm starving in an hour. I like peanut butter on an English muffin.
    1669 days ago
    I think you'd do better to eat a little something BEFORE Swimming.
    Gets your metabolism going.

    Maybe have the banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter before. And then have the egg white omelet after.

    1669 days ago
    I was going to suggest eggs. Sometimes I eat a small bowl of oatmeal along with it. You can always eat a healthy snack mid morning. Protein fills you up more and keeps you full longer. Try to get some with every meal. I hope you enjoy the swimming. I've thought about signing up for our local pool too. You can only go a couple times a week, but it would be something different. I was on the swim team way back in the day!
    1669 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Hi! I'm so happy you are going to start going to the pool, awesome!! Sometimes I put some fruit in a bowl, yogurt on top of it, 1/4 C Fiber One cereal on it and top with cinnamon. That's pretty filling. Only 1/4 tsp of cinnamon a day helps keep your blood sugars stable. Have a great Monday and enjoy the pool!! Hugs
    1669 days ago
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