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Sunday, October 27, 2013

So yesterday I did that running thing. And as mentioned, after getting home I noticed that my right knee was starting to hurt.

I figured I had somehow injured my knee. Ow!

- I iced it off and on all night. (It sort of helped ... but only a little.)

- I stretched it. (Minimal help there.)

- I rested it. (For some reason that is when the twinge of pain came back.)

- I whined to my wife about it. (Hmmm ... that TOTALLY did not work. Sheesh.)

And this morning when I woke it still felt twingy. (Damn red squiggly line telling me that 'twingy' is not a word. I curse you red squiggly line.)

At any rate, not one to let common sense stop me, I packed my gear and went to the gym for Spin class.

Prior to class I was in the stretching area, and the Spin instructor walked by and must have seen me holding my knee, because she asked if my knee was ok. I mentioned that I think I might have injured it.

The first thing out of her mouth was, "Did you run yesterday?"

Hmm ... how did she know? My mind was racing with thoughts like,

- "I bet she is really more than a Spin instructor. I bet she is psychic too."

- "I bet she's into me and must have been stalking me."

- "I bet she's just a lucky guesser."

Until finally I came to the conclusion that she just knows a lot about health and fitness. Good thing I didn't voice any of those other thoughts out loud....I would have sounded like a total dork to her ... or been kicked out of the gym. Now only all of you know how dorky I was being :)

Anyway, I let her know about the run I did. I asked her how she knew it was that I had run.

She said the area I was rubbing was a give away. She said it was very likely that I had inflamed the IT-band. The IT-band, she said, helped with lateral stability, especially with activities like running and biking and doing squats. She said that the area I was massaging made her think I had hurt it running. (It was hurting on the outside of my knee, sort of where the hinge part of the joint is.)

So ... the IT-band ... what is it you ask? Hell if I know ... but after getting home I ran to my computer to look it up. It's actually the iliotibial band. Some body part thingy that goes from the outside portion of your pelvis to just below your knee. Here's a photo.

(The picture on the left is a side-view looking directly at a person's right leg. The picture on the right is a front-view as you look at a person right leg)

Anyway, Spin Instructor lady showed me two foam roller thingys to do. She laid there with me and pushed me into position and said stay there ... move there ... etc. Then she got up and said to let her know if that helped ... and went to set-up Spin class.

Now, I've done the foam roller thing before ... and various stretches. And yes, they help. But this. What I was just shown.....holy WOW!

It was like magic. Incredible. Miracle-like. Voodoo even.

I mean, the pain in my knee TOTALLY went away. TOTALLY.

She told me to do it again after Spin class. I religiously did it. Heck, I now want to find other aches pains and erroneously extrapolate what I just learned.

Seriously though ... I'm super glad that there's people out there willing to share that kind of knowledge.

Though I still think there was some kind of otherworldly science involved.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "Damn red squiggly line telling me that 'twingy' is not a word. I curse you red squiggly line."


    Glad you're feeling better! Yea, foamy roller thing and people who know stuff!!

    1666 days ago
    All such problems should be so easy to rectify!

    Cool deal, keep 'er SPINNIN'! :-)

    1669 days ago
    I've heard of that but so far at least, it's the one running injury I haven't managed. Why can't the solution ever be to go sit in a hot tub sipping wine and listening to music?
    1670 days ago
  • BILL60
    Gonna remember that. Thank you for sharing.
    1670 days ago
  • GHK1962
    uhmm ... hopefully some of the others (like Lorenver and Pookasluagh) won't let on that in actuality, I really just like to write non-Spark things ... that are really full of hooey ...

    Heh ....
    1670 days ago
    Fortunately I've never hurt that part of my body, but I'll be sure to remember your blog if I ever do. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Of course, the thing I love most about your blogs is you make me laugh...

    - I whined to my wife about it. (Hmmm ... that TOTALLY did not work. Sheesh.)

    And this morning when I woke it still felt twingy. (Damn red squiggly line telling me that 'twingy' is not a word. I curse you red squiggly line.)

    emoticon That red squiggly drives me nutso too! (try nutso)

    I just love naturally funny people. Thank you for your blogs... and I'm on to read another...

    1670 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/27/2013 11:55:20 PM
    That is great. I am glad she went ahead and shared her knowledge with you! Now you can run and spin!

    1670 days ago
    Glad to hear you're running again! Way to go! and spin class too!
    1670 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    I stopped reading because I know all too well what the IT band is. The bugger has ended my cycling season early the last two years. Yep, I'm a cyclist with runner's knee. Fortunately for me, what ever quirk of fate that makes cycling bother my ITB also makes my ITB okay with running.

    However, I am far more diligent about stretching than I've ever been, and I've given myself over to the mortification of the flesh (a.k.a., working with a foam roller). I'm trying to internalize the message that prevention, while unpleasant, is better than curing after-the-fact.
    1670 days ago
  • RENWL123
    1671 days ago
    That foam roller thingy is amazing, isn't it? I've been using mine for a year and it helps so much. And every time I get injured it's because I've gotten lax with it, so I really ought to remember to keep using the stupid thing! It can hurt so bad, though!! Especially the IT band!
    1671 days ago
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