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In Which State Should You Live (Short, Interesting Quiz)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This probably has nothing to do with Spark, but I found this fascinating.

Here is a quiz that asks a few basic personality questions. Based on your responses, it tells you in which State you should live. (Canadian and overseas Sparkies, the Ugly Americans once again are self-centered, but you are accustomed to that).

Here it is. Post your results below.

So I took the quiz myself, a couple of times. Although I'd tell you that I'd make the worst and most disgruntled Southerner in the world (my liberal, Obama-loving blue-bellied Yankee values run deep), this quiz, repeatedly landed me in (of all places) Georgia. Doubtlessly as a flamethrower-wielding member of Sherman's Union Army, but Georgia nevertheless. Um, when in Rome "Eat a Peach."

How about you? (My wife, Susan818127 here on Spark, also just took it and landed in North Carolina. At least we are so-to-speak neighbors (and members of the occupying army, from the War of Northern Aggression as they call it down there)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It says California on the first runthrough, and I didn't take the longer OCEAN test.). I've lived in Cali before (student, not resident), so I am ambivalent. I've always known I feel like a fish out of water here in the state jeer I live (not my birth state.).

    I should strive to improve my mental state instead of worrying what state I physically live in!!

    This was fun!!
    2469 days ago
    Utah??? I wanna move.
    2472 days ago
    California, baby!
    2474 days ago
    Makes me think that all the good people live in Georgia...then I remember my 2nd husband (born & raised in Covington, GA - the only town spared by Sherman cause his academy roomie was from there) and I think 'hmmmmmmmmm, maybe not'.

    I'm not moving. emoticon
    2475 days ago
    I came up with West Virginia! I have to admit I do enjoy our annual visit there over the Labor Day weekend for DW's family reunion!
    2475 days ago
    My mom posted this on fb this weekend. I got South Carolina. I'm not a northerner or southerner, so I guess SC would work for me. Maybe just Charleston..
    2475 days ago
  • SLEE103
    New Mexico, relaxed and creative. Which is pretty accurate, but I too am "blue bellied Yankee" originally from New England, I'd miss the seasons for sure!
    2475 days ago
    I'll be joining your wife in North Carolina emoticon
    2475 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    I belong in North Carolina.

    Native Texan here with about 200 years NC roots! Felt at home there on first visit at age 16. Have hummed & sung "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning." since the 1960's. Lived in NC in my 20s for one year. Last visit for family reunion in 2000. Grandfather from NC, eldest of 14, came to Texas by 1904.

    That was fun.
    2475 days ago
    I truly think this thing was cooked up by Georgia tourism. I got one Massachusetts, one Pennsylvania, two Texas, and no fewer than eight Georgia.

    I even totally randomized the answers by spinning a wheel.
    2475 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/27/2013 10:04:09 PM
  • PICKIE98
    First try was North Carolina..second try was Nebraska.. Nuh-uh. I have been in both states and neither are an option for me,,,

    I am thinking they need to do a more meaningful study, like the percentage of domestic murders during TOM for husbands who tell their wives to quit whining. Now THAT is relevant!! I think I can save them time and money: Door number one:100%! DINGDINGDINGDINGDING!!!
    2476 days ago
    Stuck me in Georgia too. I would DIE there!!!! Seriously!

    I think the problem, of course, is the test. I mean, does enthusiastic necessarily equate with extroverted? I'm very enthusiastic - but I'm very introverted, too. The test links personality traits that, for some or many of us, are polar opposites. Therefore, the test computer gets a false image of how we score ourselves.
    2476 days ago
    Well I ended up in Georgia. I'm a 5 generation Southern California girl. I've never been to the Southeast. I'll have to add that to my bucket list.
    Thanks for the fun diversion.
    2476 days ago
  • DALID414
    I took the short version test and I belong in New Mexico.
    2476 days ago
    It landed me in CA. Been there, done that, won't do it again!!
    2476 days ago
    I wasn't sure how strongly I agreed or disagreed with many of the questions, so I took it twice. Apparently I belong in WV. I've visited there a couple if times for snow skiing. Nice place.
    2476 days ago
    I guess I should be a snowbird. I'm not going anywhere. First try landed me in Florida and second attempt was New Mexico.
    2476 days ago
  • AMAS92568
    My scores indicated Oklahoma. I think I fudged on my answers, lol.
    2476 days ago
    Utah. and i took it twice Well the mountains are close by took the test twice and sent there both times.
    2476 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14314251
    I got California which really surprised me. So I started playing with it to see what kind of person would be best suited for SC where I live.

    Extroverted - 7
    Critical - 1
    Dependable - 7
    Anxious -7
    Open to new experiences - 7
    Quiet - 1
    Sympathetic - 7
    Disorganized - 1
    Calm - 1
    Uncreative - 1

    I'm sure this can be tweaked a little bit and it would still be SC but thinking about it, I think this might be right. While there are a lot of very loud, very neurotic people here, I have met some of the sweetest most compassionate people I've ever met since moving here. If they like you, that's it. You're family. Just don't mind the crazy. emoticon
    2476 days ago
    Well, Pal, I'm a Georgian, too. Liberal, Obama-loving, Californis girl, Giants fan. I took the test twice. Joe is from Florida, a weird idea if ever there was one).

    I wonder what you have to do to live in Cali?
    2476 days ago
    New Mexico. Hmm. I'd miss the pacific northwest! I'm willing to visit, though.
    2476 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13876765
    It said Georgia for me too. I KNOW that's wrong. I make most liberals look strict!
    2476 days ago
    Much to my surprise I wound up in Georgia too!
    2476 days ago
  • MISCHAKEO least it is next to the Northwest where I live. Too funny.
    2476 days ago
    Canada's a state of mind . . . and yeah, best possible state to live in!! (Just leavening the non-US exclusion with a little American style chauvinism, which is pretty foreign to that Canadian state of mind actually . . . )
    2476 days ago
    I'll have to take it again. The first time it landed me in Montana.
    2476 days ago
    OMG, we're in the same state! Unbelievable. NOPE not gonna live there. SIL lives there (LOL!) Definitely not a laid back person . . . at all! What can I say. Better luck next time!

    2476 days ago
    I took it twice. I landed in Tennessee the first time, then took the expanded test, and then the state one again and land in Utah! I cannot see me living there at all.
    2476 days ago
    I demand a recount! The quiz puts me in Maine. On some counts it makes sense, if there is validity to the researcher's ratings/definitions/descriptions, but not all five factors are accurate enough when applied to me. I'm not naming them, however.
    2476 days ago
    Georgia for me. However, after traveling through Georgia many times, it has not seemed like a place I'd like to put down long term roots.
    2476 days ago
    I saw this on yahoo the other day and it put me in Florida. My Dad is from the Northeast and my Mom was from California. I have lived in Utah most of my life so I though Florida was a happy medium between the three. Afterall, lots of people go to Florida to retire so there must be a mix of individuals there.
    2476 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8180433
    I did it once and landed in New Mexico. Did it again and landed in Pennsylvania.
    2476 days ago
    Ha! It put me in Florida, which at first made me mad, but then I realized that tons of people from NJ, NY and PA live in Florida, so it makes a sort of sense!
    2476 days ago
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