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Days....so different

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wednesday was an amazing day being my anniversary and all...Thursday went off well too. I managed to get all my outstanding work completed, even caught up some sewing projects and felt good for getting it all done. I really did not want to have a weeks staycation with "stuff" to come back to.

Today was another story altogether. First, boot camp was tough but our monitor said only 260 calories burned. Whats with that? It felt much harder than that, even our trainer was surprised. Is the thing malfunctioning, or did the lady who's it is.....just not work hard today? Ah well, the joys of not having my own.

It's pay day for my mom today and she had invited my sister and I to breakfast at a local restaurant. This morning, she said she had agreed to first fetch an elderly friend of hers to join us, and that we could go on ahead. No problem....except....on rout, in the POURING RAIN, my cars windscreen wipers decided to pack up. Again, not a sweet conk out, no way, that would just be too nice. The one hooked into the other and ripped it apart and all I was left with was a metal frame scraping away at my windshield. OH MY GOODNESS. I pulled over, put on the hazard lights WHICH DIDNT WORK. (this is a loan car from my son)
I was forced to hop out of the car to try and disengage the wiper (to no avail) and ended up drenched to the skin. Since I was nearer the mall than my house, I decided its best to drive to Game and purchase a new set of wipers. Luckily, my bil was at the mall also, and he offered to attach them for me. I had to fork out the same amount of money for ONE stupid size 13 spanner as the wipers themselves....this was rapidly becoming an expensive project...but what can one do. It was bucketing down and I still had to drive home.
While my bil was fixing my wipers, we had breakfast. While eating, my bil came back to say that the wiper mechanism had been damaged in the process. So, the new wipers were on, but would not function. AAARGH I ended up calling the kindly mechanic who just finished doing other repair work and gave me a 3 month account to pay that off...first payment made today lol. Anyway, he said to bring the vehicle in.
I had to sit and wait for the rain to abate somewhat before I could leave. My mom left and said she would pay the bill on her way out.....and then promptly forgot.....(shes nearly 80) leaving me a bill to pay for myself and my sister... emoticon

Finally the gap I was waiting for arrived and took off only to find my fuel light on and engine overheating. WHAT ON EARTH was going on today??? Best thing I could do, was pull into a petrol station and put some in. Where the mechanics workshop is, is not the best part of town and I did not want to end up running out of fuel and walking through the "disadvantaged people" area with a purse with money...its just not safe. I also had the petrol station put some stuff on the windscreen (cant remember whats called..something like SEE THROUGH because that's what it does, forces the rain to run off the windshield.) As I took off one again, the heavens opened and more rain....like a flash flood came pouring down. I drove in those conditions with my head sticking out the window because the windshield misted up so badly and with the engine overheating, I was afraid to turn on the demister.

I finally got to the mechanic, and within 5 minutes he had it all sorted out and kindly said no charge, if I would mind dropping his kid at home. Wonderful deal, so that's what I did.

I was feeling pretty strung out and suggested to my sister that we go back to the mall and have a RELAXING cup of coffee before calling a halt to the day....except....while having our coffee, an elderly gentleman at the table next to ours, collapsed. It was a fit of some kind, but required the ambulance people to assist.
At that point, I just gave today up as a bad job and went home.

I'm tired, and just want to have a hot bath and forget today's issues. lol
I think I just want to curl up on the sofa and watch a sweet movie.
Hubby will be working late tonight to finish up so he can start his vacation from tomorrow. So the choice of movie will be all mine.

When I got home today, our property was under water too in certain areas.

The water was actually flowing fast enough in certain parts of my garden to move light weight poop scoops around and also move bricks and branches which broke off the trees..luckily the cars were not at home for those broken branches falling.

The corners of the property are dammed up and hubby will have to unblock the outlets to allow the water to leave the property.

The water has found an escape route under the sliding gate and down into the road.

Fortunately my house is set higher than the ground, and with all the paving around it, its fine. Wherever there is ground though, is damming up.

It doesn't look so bad, but the dogs are standing ankle and knee deep in the water.

The flowers were all knocked off the trees and lies around looking like confetti.

Oh well....today is almost done.
I DID get 260 calories burned at boot camp which is a plus.
I DID get to have breakfast with family.
I DID get un-billed help from the mechanic.
I DID eat relatively well.
I AM OFFICIALLY ON LEAVE....so....all's well that ends well.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my word GINA180847....while Im sorry all that happened to you, I am glad to see that Im not the only one who has muli-issues on the same day. emoticon
    1971 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I sure hope you do not have too many days like that. Recently when we were leaving to get ready for DHs hip replacement surgery we had a night of rain like the heavens opened up and just dumped steadily. Hubby came up from the basement and said I have bad news and I have bad news. There was and inch of water all through the basement on the floor. What could we do but ignore it and leave. When we came home 10 days later it was all gone. The earth seems to call it out later and absorb it. This happened 3 times this summer and we are finally realizing that the fact that we removed the eavestroughs is the problem. So first money we get will mean replacing those. Your story also reminds me of the winter when we decided to join children for the holidays about 600 kms. away and we hit a doozy of a snow storm on the way. The windshield wiper on the driver's side flew off in the howling wind mixed with snow and ice. DH said he would stop and pick it up after he pulled over but as he went to do that a huge truck came along and ran over it. We had no choice but to keep on going. I prayed nonstop the rest of the way (about 40 kms.) and I would not have liked to get a BP reading when we finally got out of the storm. Never again will we travel at that time of yr. Very dangerous!!!!
    1971 days ago
    Oh my word! emoticon
    1971 days ago
    Oh the adventures or Celeste'!!! That is quite the deluge! Looks like the dogs loved it. We had first frost last night...and leaves are falling like rain from the Princess tree. Now I must go out and clean up all that mess..looks like a carpet since the leaves are huge...and pull out all the stuff killed by the frost elsewhere in the yard. Enjoy your Spring rains...and your upcoming week off. emoticon
    1971 days ago
    May tomorrow be absolutely wonderful!
    1972 days ago
    I'm so sorry that you had such a bad day! I hope you enjoy your movie and that you have a great weekend.
    1972 days ago
    I'm not sure I understand this correctly~you use the calorie burned stat from someone else's efforts? If they are a different size than you or have more or less strength/stamina than you do, her effort may be less than yours, causing a lower calorie burn. I do see the value of having your own monitor in that case!
    1972 days ago
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