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Fun night out

Friday, October 25, 2013

So last night we went to a pumpkin carving event. It was chilly but lots of fun. Some very interesting carvings were going on and then you vote for the one you want. I liked the one that was carved like a frog. Something that does drive me a bit crazy is that my step-son and DIL always buy some treat for the kids. last night it was hot chocolate that I just knew the kids would burn their tongues on...yep, I was right. Lyla was crying as she tried to drink hers too fast. She is so addicted to sugar. not a good thing. Way too much junk food in this household and she already is "chunky". So when Mommy isn't around, Nama(that's me) I don't let them have junk food. And when they ask me for the sugar coated, "whatever" for snacks after school, I tell them "no" you need to pick a healthy snack. So I am teaching them what Junk is and what healthy is. They are good about eating veggies and fruits. It's just that they want junk all the time. And the other good news is that they are not allowed junk all the least that is good. I just can't believe how much crap there is out there to buy for your kids. The marketing here in the state also just sucks marketing this crap to the kids.

Alright, off that soap box.
Hope you all have a terrific day.

NO more junk food!
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