Thursday, October 24, 2013

GOOD day all - well, i have been called a chatty Kathy - but TMJ - really - is no way to shut me up.
i would not wish the pain on my worst enemy - well maybe Al Queida!! - but Lord Almighty - excruciating for 24 hrs a day - every day for the past week.
hot compresses and Rx for six times strength of ibuprofen - and it is still quite a roar.
no yawning - yikes -
no chewing - no cold air - no touching any part of the outer or inner cheeks - and God please SAVE all my teeth.
this is so debilitating - and i will ask my RA specialist when i go - cause i have a feeling that although the muscle goes into spasm - we have to remember it is a joint we are dealing with - a very important one.
i do not want to be eating my meals thru a straw for the rest of my life.
i love to smile - and i have an expressive face - meaning i move it a lot - so these are precious parts of us - and no one wants them to be unattainable.
if things don't improve soon then my dentist is sending me to a specialist who deals in this kind of thing.
i really hope it resolves on its own - i do not have dental coverage and i know these things add up quite quickly.
but in the end - all i wants is my normal face back - and all working parts working like they should.
OH AND ALL THIS PAIN SUFFERING AND NOT EATING - did not result in even a pound off. as usual - my body loves its cellulite and will not give an inch.
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