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The BIKINI is out of the drawer!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've been peeking at my weight in between weigh-ins for a little while now and what it does is it goes up and down each day within about a 2 pound range - it does this for a few weeks and then settles on the lower number, then starts again going down and up a few pounds until it again settles on the lower number. So with this trend in mind I am expecting to be down in the 84 something kgs over the next week or so if I continue to behave myself. I haven't been in the 84kg range for a while and so close to my first mini goal of 83kgs. Who would have thought!! It seemed an impossible task 5 weeks ago when I stared at that number from 91.2kgs !! It was a whole 8.2 kgs away then..... now it is a mere 2.4kgs away and WITHIN REACH!!

So in honour of IM146POUNDS wonderful healthy lifestyle philosophy I am going to declare that "I AM 83kgs !!". This will be my new repetitive chant when on the treadmill and the first thing I'll say in the morning after thanking the Lord for this wonderful day that I will rejoice and be glad in !!

SO, to get to the nitty gritty of today's highlight in my journey - out comes the bikini !! YES YES that's what I said B I K I N I ...... itsy bitsy teeney weeney black and green design bikini....!!

The one item of clothing I've kept throughout the sizes is my swimwear because I always knew each time I went up a size that I would soon be going down sizes and I would need them. I decided to also measure my journey on being able to fit into these items - the sizes range from 12 - 18 and this all happened within a few years timeframe (scary!). In fact what is the most scary thing of all is that when I started this journey with SP I went to put on my biggest swimwear to go for a swim and the boardshorts didn't fit - they were too tight to pull up. I was devastated! They are size 18 and I actually wear them with a size 16 singlet top!

Today I tried them on and they are too big !! YAY and what does fit me now is the next size down which is a size 16 outfit. One of my favourite all time swimwear outfits is the next one down (my blue set). So I'm so looking forward to getting back into them. In those I actually feel good about what I look like at the beach and then it just keeps on getting better after that as I will continue to go back down to the sizes I've been used to - size 12 and that awesome BIKINI !

To top it off I do have a rather large tattoo which is exposed when I wear the bikini which is another talking point. Either you love them or you hate them, but those that wear a tattoo often have a very personal reason attached to the picture. I actually got mine when I became a born again Christian when I was 28 years old. It represents the last day when Jesus comes back and the tattoo is of a flying horse! So it is very personal to me.

So here is what my new journey looks like as I progress towards my beloved bikini.......

I'm currently fitting into the middle outfit - all of these are elastic waste (I never wore elastic waste pants until I put on weight - go figure!).

I've got a few sizes to get through before I can go back to my bikini which is a size 12 - these boardshorts are non-elastic waste - makes a difference to the fit !!

And here it is again, just incase you missed it - the GOAL !!!

Have fun everyone!

PS I ran a spellcheck through this and it picked up 'boardshorts' and tried to make it 'broadsheets' !! I thought that was rather fitting LOL !!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What's all this about peeking at your weight in between weigh-ins, you little adrenalin junkie, you! That's what bungee jumping is for. Don't need to keep spooking yourself like that. Who DOES that?!? Talk about self torture! Haha just kidding, love to tease! emoticon

    And while I'm in my teasing mode, do you spell "waste" like that down under? Shouldn't it be "waist". Just nit-picking of course, but obviously the spellcheck is letting you get away with murder. emoticon

    Don't know whether it's the angle of the shot you've taken, but they all look like tiny little costumes to me. I'd be happy to fit into any of them. emoticon

    And just to correct IAM146POUNDS while I'm at it. I'm afraid my dear I have PLENTY of competition over here in France as it is, what with all these tiny French women flaunting their skinny little chain-smoking bronzed cellulite-free bodies, and what's more stuffing themselves silly with foie gras, cheese, wine and cream every day and yet never putting on a single gram. Blooming French Paradox doesn't stretch to ex-pats! emoticon

    I can certainly feel the competition heating up though. Be threating a rift in diplomatic relations before we know it. Viva la France!!! emoticon
    1699 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/25/2013 1:33:10 PM
  • RDEE22
    Love it.........the bikini......and the way you set your goal up. emoticon
    1700 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1700 days ago
    Cute bikini! I'd wanna fit into that too!
    1700 days ago
    1700 days ago
    Oh wow! Inspiring project. Love your green and black bikini!

    And thanks for this mornings giggle; "broadsheets".
    1700 days ago
    Your Country Needs You! No question about it.

    P.S, I have no intention of modelling Barbie's hot pants and top, they would not even fit over my big toe!

    Have a great day, I'm off now, but when I get home, this evening, I am looking forward to your sixties link. emoticon
    1700 days ago
    emoticon OK then! I'll do it for my country! emoticon
    1700 days ago
    You have the goal bikini, which looks HOT! I expect you to be modelling these for us in due course. I would love to see the tattoo too!

    Of course you are going to get there, Frenchie needs some competition. We are not going to let the French leave us Scots and Aussies behind, no...... we are hot on her heels LOL!

    Go for it I AM 83 kgs !!!! emoticon
    1700 days ago
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