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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finally, after two months of dealing with leg pain, a doctors visit and an MRI, the diagnosis is in. Apparently I have a "stress reaction" that luckily has not evolved into a fracture. This was explained to me as a fluid overload in my tibia. The doc said my body "is trying to break the bone." I'm not sure if that's how I'd phrase it but that's what she said. She said I didn't have to have crutches but that I need "to completely shut down." She said the only exercise I was allowed to do was swim but not to push off against the wall. She said no elliptical, no stationary bike or walking for exercise. She said to only walk where I need to go and that's it. She said that I will see her again in a month, and at that time, I could probably move up to exercise on a stationary bike. Basically, she said it will take me about 3 months, if all goes well to be able to run or do impact again and that there is no question that it will not heal if I don't follow instructions.

So...in past days this would give me a kind of perverse pleasure in being told not to do exercise. Now, I find myself trying to avoid slipping into panic mode. No exercise except swimming?!?! This really limits me to whether or not my schedule permits a trip to the YMCA. This is made more complex due to the fact that my daughter's schedule often has her staying after school (right now about 3 times a week) for various clubs and rehearsals. The other days are frought with mass amounts of homework so taking off after dinner to swim is not really doable. I can see maybe being able to go one or two times a week. Hopefully, if I can get there, their championship winning swim team isn't using the lanes. The team practices in the evenings three times a week, The other indoor pool usually has a class or TONS of tiny humans bobbing and jumping about so getting laps or something like exercise is nigh impossible.

I'm really quite nervous about this. With the holiday season approaching, if I don't want to gain back what I've lost, I can't afford to let anything past my lips that isn't strictly within allowable limits. There's simply no way to work anything off. I either gain or stay the same at this point. I "feel" my feelings right under the surface kind of roiling right now. If I think about this too much I might scream. Or cry. Not sure which. Stupid fear.

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    Hey Chick,
    I know it is scary stuff...gaining some weight back! Eek! But please, emoticon please listen to the doctor. Just take it easy for awhile. You need to heal so you can be strong and able to exercise.
    1881 days ago
    Hay sweetheart before you have a total melt down, there are many other body part that you can work. The table top bicycle is a good idea, pilates, yoga, weight lifting sitting down, and stability ball exercises sitting. I had bilateral stress fractures from running. I used the treadmill on incline to burn more calories while walking, I DO NOT SUGGEST YOU DO THIS, BUT JUST WANT YOU TO REALIZE THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE END. Many people have stress fractures that are chronic, that's what they want you to avoid. A temporary modification in your schedule while go a long way in resolving this situation.

    I am very sorry for this situation but it is not as bad as you perceive! Love ya! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1881 days ago
    You received some great advice on here - I was also going to suggest the hand bicycles. They can really get your heart pumping!
    1881 days ago
    There might be a few exercises you can still do on the fitness ball too. You will have to be selective but I think you can do some of them like slow swimming and such. But do let it heal or it will just dragout longer. I will keep a watch out for some other exercises too for you so you have some options. Hang in there. emoticon emoticon
    1881 days ago
    AS others mentioned, SP has some great seated workouts and so does jessicasmithtv.com. See what you think just to keep moving! Find a way to the pool when you can. Talk to other moms about carpooling. Listen to the doc and let that leg heal! Where there is a will, there is a way! You will find that way!
    1881 days ago
    I was going to also suggest that you check out some of Spark's chair videos, but my on the ball team mates beat me to it! Taking the time to heal will eventually be a good thing for you and your leg. BUT that doesn't have to mean that you are down for the count! Let us know what fun new ways you come up with to still get your calories burn going. Praying for a full and speedy recovery for you! ~hugs~ Carly
    1882 days ago
  • NHES220
    Listen to the doctor. This is what happened to me when I pulled the hamstring and could not run and could barely walk. I could do the elliptical, but other movements were quite painful and running was out of the question - but that is where I got my calorie burn, right? I just listened to my niece, the internist physician, and completely rested it from running for 7 weeks and it healed. I stopped trying to run to see if it would feel better and now after the rest it is. So bottom line, Be Patient!

    1882 days ago
  • no profile photo SUEPERWOMAN

    Yes, I agree, that is scary. I am glad that all it will take is rest and your leg will be better.

    I think that you have a rather divine opportunity, in case you aren't already, to be totally pristine in your eating.

    If your health matters enough to you, not even this little blip will deter you in the long run. I'm counting on you, sweetheart!

    love, Ginger
    1882 days ago
    Oh no, don't let this get you down my friend. Stay positive. You can still sit and do some tummy twists and milk jug lifts? right? Well, you know what I mean. Spark has some good sitting videos, or I'll make one just for you. lol. Hang in there. You can do this. You are a BIG reason I came back, you care and I care. HUGS!
    1882 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/23/2013 7:29:55 PM
    Check out the Spark Chair Exercise Team and A_ Bit_at_a_Time's recent blog about her favorite chair exercise. I am so sorry you have to go through this. Hugs, Laurel
    1882 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/23/2013 7:28:14 PM
    are there any hand bicycles in your gym? they got the paddles on top so you sit and spin them with your hands. Also, how about exercises that don't involve feet, like floor crunches, bicycles (knees to elbows), overhead lifts and presses you can do sitting, etc?
    1882 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    ugh that is scary/stressful...but i have total faith in you that you can keep your eating right, and keep that weight off!!!! the weight loss may slow down with less exercise, but you can DEFINITELY still lose if you're eating well (trust me, that's what i've been doing for the past two weeks! emoticon )

    take this time to focus on school, and don't feel nervous or guilty about it!!!!!!!!!!
    1882 days ago
    Oh hon - I'm so sorry. Those were my EXACT instructions last summer when I had the stress fracture - I was only allowed to swim and then not allowed to push off the wall - there were even a few weeks they wouldn't let me DRIVE. Ugh. Be thankful you caught it now, though, because a full-on break would hurt much worse, I'll bet! It'll heal much faster this way. Take a deep breath, and focus on maintaining. It's hard to lose without being able to move around much, and chair exercise can only do so much! But don't get discouraged, even if you can't LOSE for awhile, you CAN maintain, and that'll be good practice for later on. And who knows? maybe you CAN lose even while practically on bedrest. You do have ONE exercise you can still do, right? :) *hugs*
    1882 days ago
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