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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today I smiled because I won "coffee and cake for two" at boot camp today for the "most improved camper". To answer why such a strange prize....it was a gift voucher against whatever I wanted. The coffee shops healthy options are expensive and all I could fit into the vouchers worth, without digging into my own pocket was coffee and cake....so I chose that option....and then drank the coffee, ate the complimentary heart shaped cookie and had the cake boxed for my trainer. He is in for a surprise when he get some carrot cake tomorrow morning....which the owner is delivering to his home as a surprise.
Hes as trim as a reed and as tall as anything...carrot cake will not sit on his hips. emoticon

I came home and made some chicken, cabbage, apple and feta salad..yummy and healthier and felt sooo in control. However, it was not going to remain that way.

At 3pm I got a frantic sounding call from my hubby saying "I MUST meet him at Beyond Flavor Coffee Shop in a few minutes." No amount of asking him why, got me any answers, he just kept saying "gotta rush, gotta rush".
I should have been alerted to SOMETHING BEING UP because my hubby is exceptionally dedicated to work and rarely takes time off during work hours. What I did think, was that the car wouldn't start or possibly he's been caught with having to handle a female client alone...or something like that. Hes painfully shy and often has woman "trouble".

All I can say is that I grateful that I wasn't in my gardening gear. I was still neatly dressed from taking my mom and sister around town today and ironically enough, we had coffee at that very coffee shop too. My mom and sister shared a lemon meringue and I had 2 teaspoon full for the taste (and I tracked it feeling sooo in control) and had some coffee, which is where my early part of this blog came into play.

So, it was 3pm and off I went to meet my "frantic sounding husband" (he does panic easily, so I wasn't overly worried at his panicky sound...hes very shy and easily feels trapped, and generally calls me to bail him out)
I walked into the coffee shop and this is what I saw on the table where my husband was sitting....its now on my table at home.

With a card.

So why is that so special?? My husband NEVER remembers our anniversary, mainly because in the beginning years we were almost always apart during that time period. He worked in Dubai and I was back home raising kids and all we could do round our anniversary time was send a text message to each other. This got us out of the habit. So, it blew me over that he remembered this year out of the blue. Of all the things I didn't expect, it was CAKE AND COFFEE....lol I have avoiding cake and coffee and desserts all jolly week only to be caught by my own hubby. Thing is, its the week before pay day and we used our reserves to fix the car....so, no dinner outing...cake and coffee it was emoticon

I'm not going to whine, I'm going to be happy. I ate it all up. I enjoyed every bite of my marble cheese cake after checking with the baker to see which cake was the least sugar loaded, and have made plans to make a salad for dinner to compensate. I've checked and I still am within calorie range for today. Not bad, considering all the cake and coffee I've been surrounded with.
So 21 years with this serious, shy, delightful man and many more to come.

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