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Laughter - A Survival Technique

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[Side note: I typed a whole blog and somehow lost it on here just now and have to retype it. This is a perfect example of what I mean by my title... laughing about it right now so that I don't go crazy! ]

I sure chose a great time to get back in action!

I'm at home today and my mission is to fix my fitbit. I know when we were moving I saw the little opener kit and noted to myself to keep it in a good spot because I'll need it, so naturally it is lost in some black pit somewhere. I'm going to get a new battery in even if I have to pry open the back with a knife. I can't stand feeling like my steps don't count!

Monday I walked outside, probably about a mile and a half but no fitbit so no stats. I had PT so I didn't have a lot of time.

Yesterday is where the laughter really starts. I walked inside at lunch because it was raining. A lot of people do laps of the office and I don't know how much I did but it was something. I probably should have forced myself on the treadmill but I had a 1pm meeting and needed to stay decent. The plan was to come home, prep dinner, go get a haircut, cook dinner, and then do a yoga or cardio video depending on how tired I was. As I was cooking dinner, I dropped a whole stack of pots and pans on my big toe. It immediately turned purple. I don't think it is broken because I can move it but it sure hurts. SO I ended up on the couch with ice on my toe. But the good news is that the new Weight Watchers recipe I was cooking turned out really well and BF snagged the leftovers for lunch today!

MEN - STOP READING NOW!!!!!!!!!!! You've been warned!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I started feeling like junk in the middle of the night. I don't get TOM every month because of how sick I get, but now my body has seemingly decided every 3 months is it no matter what my meds say. I HAVE been under a lot of stress lately and could see that being a cause as well. So basically I feel awful today, you know the deal, tired and crampy and sick. It is only 9:34 in the morning and if I could have a plate of french fries right now I'd be thrilled. I'm very thankful to be working from home today because these Juicy sweatpants are where it is at.

I'm going to try to power through. I have a feeling this means I'm sticking to walks this week. Definitely no yoga as planned (no hanging upside down for me!). I have my meals planned out and I am going to request my bf's assistance in sticking with that too. TOM likes to kill my sense of logic when it comes to food.


I have to laugh at myself. I feel sort of like a dumb dumb (who drops 10 pots and pans directly on their toe?) But I'd rather laugh than beat myself up and feel sad about everything. Treating bad things like jokes is a survival technique that seems to work for me?!

I'm getting really excited for next week. Halloween in our new neighborhood, two parties, my boyfriend's birthday. I feel sort of crazy for trying to become more focused right as the holiday season is kicking off, but there is no day like today right?!

(trying to post this blog now before losing it again!)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Sometimes laughter's all you got...
    1627 days ago
  • RAINA413
    If It makes you feel any better I hardly think it would surprise anyone I know if I also dropped 10 pots and pans on my toe as well. I hope yours isn't broken!

    Sorry to hear about your TOM and how your stress is making all that so much worse. Wish there was something I could do to help.

    And if you do manage to swap out the battery on your FitBit let me know so I can do that in the future when mine needs replacing as well.

    Sending you hugs!!!
    1641 days ago
  • BOSS61
    (Sometimes seems like the only) owner of a y-chromosome, checking in, friend. Glad you still have your sense of humor. Never lose it!
    1641 days ago
  • SLEE103
    Yep, sometimes you just have to laugh. And my coworker actually BROKE her toe doing something far more stupid than dropping pots on it, so really, these things happen! I feel you, tom definitely takes over food priorities. Sometimes its just bet to allow him a day and get back to it, it will actually make you feel better! You're doing awesome, you have meals planned and your'e getting in little bits when you can!
    1641 days ago
    Remember when I put dishwasher liquid in the dishwasher? And there were bubbles everywhere? And then my dog tried to eat the bubble water? And the way I discovered this was that he walked by me with bubbles on his face acting like nothing was wrong? That is how I would also drop the pots on my toes:)
    I hate tom! I hope you feel better soon.
    1642 days ago
    1642 days ago
    As always, you bounce back from adversity with a great attitude--and now humor?! Man, I need to take notes!

    Hope Halloween goes well in the new place! It's my fave holiday so we're really looking forward to it around here :)

    Also, I have a little nervousness too about the approaching holiday season. I'm determined to power through but jeez...I am definitely anticipating struggles! Focus is definitely called for.
    1642 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    i totally ascribe to this technique haha, because i am totally accident-prone and ridiculous. plus laughing at yourself makes everything better :) i hope your toe gets better! and next week sounds awesome, enjoyy!!!
    1642 days ago
    1642 days ago
    Sounds like you are committed so just keep going. Hope the toe feels better soon. Thanks for sharing.
    1642 days ago
    1642 days ago
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