hating the new spark page and Continuation of last blog from last week!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yikes. I suck at updating my blog. I guess its good to get off of the internet and not waste time. Right? or something.

Anyway.. my weekend LAST weekend was AWESOME, as I posted about it. it was wonderful surprise.
Last week after that, was interesting to say the least....
My husband got sick shortly after we got home... I am fine.. Just stressing about all the testing I had done the past few weeks.
Pap, Mammogram (came back great/normal). Blood work, BRCA testing. just stressful. I hate it.
I still need to go to the foot doctor for my PF, but I know there isnt much they can do about it, so I am just working out, wearing footbeds, rotating my shoes, icing, stretching. Thats all I can do, right? Its only painful in the AM, mostly. I can deal with it. I think its getting a bit better with all that I do for it.
I stretch it a few times a day, I try to ice it every night, I wear different footbeds every day (all too match my shoes), rotate my shoes not to wear the same ones everyday...

Workout wise, I am just doing my own thing.. I was doing JM BR again, but since the husband got sick, he hasnt worked out in a few days/week and half- so I am just busting out my own plan.
6 week 6 pack abs, Kickboxing, Just Weights, Killer Abs, Yoga Meltdown, Yoga Inferno, whatever floats my boat. Its been working better that BR.. so I will continue with that in addition to the extra stuff.
I took off yesterday due to my woman problems of period pain, discomfort and just not wanting to work out.
I usually dont go off the deep end, but I ate my weight in totsie rolls and other candy. I tracked it though and it wasnt terrible. I also ate so much brown rice with my soup. oh well. I am not stressed about it. I know WHY I ate all of it and I am paying the bloated price today.

Eating wise, I have really been doing well aside from yesterday, so I dont take it harshly that I went crazy yesterday...

I do NOT like the new spark page and am thinking about skipping town on Spark...
i dunno. I feel like its done all it can. i HATE the new page and i hope they change it back. its HORRIBLE and not easy to use. but if i do leave. i will let you know (i probably wont).


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    I hope you don't leave just because of the start page change, though I agree it's pretty horrible.
    1641 days ago
    You're welcome! YES get one! it was a HUUGGE help. HUGE.

    Yeah I love going barefoot at home but have started wearing shoes if I'm gonna be on my feet, cooking or something. I also have worn my night splint if I'm lying on the couch watching tv! I don't need it now but I couple weeks ago when I first got it, ANY time I got up from sitting/lying I had the limpy pain, so I wore it if I was going to be lying down for more than a half hour.

    I have been wearing my "work shoes" (I have to wear a uniform) every day for like 2-3 years. ha. Yep. Long past new shoes time!!!
    1641 days ago
    OMG! yes! I want to get one of those night splits. i will go afterwork and look for it! I heard they are magic. i am a total toe pointer. Thank you thank you!

    yeah- i read somewhere about not wearing the same shoes everyday, something i usually used to do because, when you have a pair of shoes you love, you wear them everyday. I also read going barefoot is really bad for us... so.. ive been wearing ugly shoes at home.. it seems to help.

    1641 days ago
    At least it's just the start page! haha. I would say noooooo don't leeeeeeeeeeeave but you have to do what works for YOU. emoticon

    OMG, I feel your pain - literally!!! I have PF too, but haven't seen a doctor about it since I knew what it was. I figured there wasn't anything they could do. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be wearing the same shoes everyday, though. OOPS! hahahahahaha. I need new shoes anyway, so... guess I'd better get on that. Do you have a night splint? That has made a HUGE difference for me. Mine is cheap, I got it at walgreens - ace bandage brand I think? It isn't a huge boot, just a plastic "L" thing and velcro straps. Velcro to your calf, then your foot to the other part and it keeps your foot in an "L" shape so you can't sleep "toes pointed". It's supposed to keep stuff from tightening up like it can when you're "pointed" all night.

    Anyway. It works for me for the morning pain - between that & stretching a bit before I get out of bed, I don't have that painful limping in the morning anymore. It's worth a shot if you don't have one! Don't try the ones that are like a sock with a strap from your toes to your calf though; I have one of those too & it just makes my toes fall asleep.

    1642 days ago
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