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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A lot of injuries in the NFL yesterday. Sam Bradford & Reggie Wayne are out for the season. Jay Cutler out for a month with a groin injury. Nick Foles for a concussion. I feel bad for Reggie because he's been through 12 seasons without an injury and he has a torn ACL...

I had Quinoa, red beans and green beans for dinner which was pretty decent. Green enchiladas for dinner tomorrow night is the deal. Wednesday is the start of the World Series so something good will have to be thought of certainly. Maybe chicken and I need to take out the turkey breast to thaw later or tomorrow to have ready for Friday seasoning. Then it will be cooked next Monday likely.

Apparently my sister, husband and 2 girls will be coming for the Thanksgiving Holiday and my cousin and her husband and 2 girls will be in LA for Christmas and they are supposed to come this way in December when they are here. So at least its early enough notice to figure out the arrangements.

Today my cat comes running into my room like a bat out of hell and apparently he knew my dad was going to give him a bath and he didn't want to do that. He's usually okay with the idea since he will jump into the bathtub and wait to be bathed and cleaned when my dad tells him to but he wasn't going for it this morning. He went through it in the afternoon instead. We still have a fair amount of dirt in the backyard and he likes to go rolling in it. He had a big mound of dirt in the long driveway in Louisiana so he's used to being a dirty cat coming inside and waiting for a person to wipe him down. A lot of times he will go back out and do it again and you wonder what goes through a cat's mind. He used to sit completely still and wait for the birds to come and he would try and catch them and sometimes he would. He hasn't caught any here but now the trees are in the back so we'll likely have more birds coming up next year. He screws with the dogs in the neighborhood like he did in Louisiana as well. He's a big ol mean bruiser cat and he won't let anyone but my parents, me and my brother touch him because he hates other people. He's that cautious kind of cat, he's not friendly by a long shot.

I'm revising my goals for fitness and food. I am doing well with sleep so no need to revise there. In terms of food I want to cut down on salt and a little bit on bread products. When I was ill a few weeks back there I had a little too much soda and junk type food but I fixed that part. I've been back to whole grains, vegetables, fruit, soy, beans etc. I want to make soup this week also. I've cut back a bit on cheese products. I like Swiss, Mozzarella and Sharp cheeses so I need to keep that in hand. In terms of fitness I want to do more outdoor walking, cardio and Tae-Bo. (My allergies are in hand it seems now living here.) My strength training is going pretty well and I am staying patient about it. I'm doing a fair amount of exercise but I want to do more so I am considering making out a schedule and refining it. I am considering taking 2 full rest days a week instead of just 1. I go at it 5 days for 2-2.5 hours which I like to do so the rest days are nice to have. If I want to go at it 6 days then I will be I like a 5-2 schedule. I just don't get in enough steps and I haven't since the end of August because steady treadmill walking bores me. I want to get back to 10,000 or more in a day. I was trying to see if I could get in regular steps but I've not hit more than 6000 on my most active days so I have to get back to it. My allergies kept me inside a lot from September through now and its time to get back at it. We're having weather in the low 80's this week so that's nice.

The SO is doing well and is enjoying his new position after a little bit of adjustment. He has moved over here and so has the two kids he/we has. They visit their mom every other weekend and she gets them on other days if she gives notice to the SO. She's about 20 minutes away from us and she's pretty mellow with me but she still gives lil girl the fits. The older son is good with his mom cause he has a different personality and can handle her. The girl she has a bit of anxiety which a shrink is helping her with. Plus we are getting out to walk since she likes to do it as well. We have a workout room so she does the treadmill when she needs to. She cooks with me some nights when she isn't loaded down with schoolwork. She likes cooking and she is not a sweets person and she has issues with dairy so she drinks almond milk instead. So at the grocery I am getting soy milk for me and almond milk for her. She goes through 3 of the boxes in a week and I usually only get through 1-2 soy milks a week so the expense is not so great. The SO and son drink 2-3 milk jugs a week since they prefer nonfat milk with their cereal and meals. I've pretty much always avoided dairy since I was young so I had to take calcium. I take the chews now and so does the lil girl. She wants to start in with swimming and tennis next year but we'll see how it goes before my dealing with swimming and tennis lessons shuttling her to them or picking her up after school etc...

The SO and I decided we were going to wait until next January before getting married since we are both so tied up with work, settling in and being adjusted and all of that relating to combining residences. We're still having a very small ceremony and all of that. The SO is just tired after moving over here, taking care of that and this, work, his kids, dealing with the ex and the house chores. We both felt a few months delay would be smart. I don't need the piece of paper to say we're committed to one another but it would make him feel more secure (he thinks I am quite independent) and he's that type of guy. He wanted to be married a few months after we reconnected and I was against that because I was married too fast on my other marriage and that was disaster so I just wanted to be careful. To be certain is divine. I wanted to be sure we both loved sports, had the same goals and agreements in certain areas. I wanted an intelligent fella and who wasn't a couch potato type. I like a fit man and he had to have goals not be a lazy person. I needed to be very sure this time and now I am.

This week should be okay with not too many commitments and going in and out for this or that. The older son has his own used truck since he is of a responsible age and most days he gets his sister from school unless he lets me know beforehand he has a commitment. The SO gets out of work round 530-6 and later some nights so we coordinate sometimes. This weekend the kids are going with their Mom from Friday-Sunday afternoon. She has them for Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve and we have them Christmas and New Years. Next year she has them during Easter, July 4th and Christmas and we have them during most of the year and strangely enough the SO is easy going with his ex because she stressed him heavily when they were married. He's gotten her to back off their daughter some since she was having issues with her health. Stress mainly but some anxiety and stomach issues. The ex is pretty high strung still but she is leveling off since she grew a brain and I let her know what the young'un was going through since my parents stressed me out growing up & I had a lot of the same symptoms.

I think at some point I related The SO didn't like my having a Mini-Cooper so I traded it for a BMW. It was almost an even trade if you can believe that. My 2010 BMW was somewhat used but in excellent shape. I had to pay a $2000 balance but since The SO insisted he paid the 2k. I appreciated that part because I just don't feel at ease with car payments. I did that once when I did my first car but afterwards I figured if I couldn't pay for the car up front or almost pay for the car before driving it off the lot I would wait until I could do so. Dave Ramsey would be proud lol. My parents and a lot of people think I am a bit strange about money but I find it prudent to be smart about big purchases. Its why I put down so much on my house. 30% is no joke but I avoided PMI and this place will be paid in less than 10 years. I estimate in 7 years it will be a free and clear thing. I bought the house for less than was advertised and I was approved for double the price of this house. What do I need with a 500k home, just no. Round 200k was fine enough for a 5 bedroom with office thank you! Plus I bought it before the SO and I were together and its my house. After we are together more than 5 years his name can go on the deed as well. Plus in 5 years he'll be into it for as much as I am. In the will, if anything happens to me then he will get the house :)~
Property taxes aren't too bad here either. He pays the house payment and I'll pay the taxes coming up this year.

We worked out together who was paying what in terms of bills and he pays the major bills like the house payment, car insurance, house utilities and such and I get the groceries, cell phones for both of us, car maintenance and other incidentals. It works out pretty much equitably in terms of both of our incomes and he knows he came in with 2 children and he has them on his insurance, he pays their allowances. I did take the kids school supply and school clothes shopping though. (Reminds me I need a Costco visit over the weekend. I'll likely go Saturday morning. I let The Sam's Club lapse because the least amount of time I can spend in Sam's or Wal-Mart the better I feel. I dislike those Waltons so bad and I'd rather not enrich them any further.)

I just gave the older kid cash after he explained what he wanted and about how much it would cost $300 on my end. He had money from his summer job, allowance and a little of what his mom gave him so he was set to pay for what he needed or wanted. He needed to purchase a fair amount because he grew a lot over this past year. He needed jeans, shirts, shoes, socks, new underwear and such. He just gave me a list of what he needed for school supplies and he said as long as its not girly then pick up whatever for gel pens, pencils, notebooks, folders etc. I did well at Target with lil girl back in July when we picked up school supplies so he had everything he needed. His Dad bought him a laptop for his birthday last May so he had everything. He still needs a winter jacket but he said he'll pick one up over Thanksgiving break. I know he wants a team jacket from The New Orleans Saints but his Dad isn't sure about it yet. He goes to a school that disallows team jackets from professional teams so he is likely going to have to wait until after high school his father let him know. Or he can use his Christmas money to pay for it or wait until next May for his next birthday. Those jackets are expensive. He's a very good kid but his dad still has him pay at least half for major things like car insurance, gas, pricey electronics etc... so he realises life is not cheap and a lot of what he wants costs a fair amount of money.

We don't pay for cell phones for the kids. The SO said to his kids if you want a cell phone you pay for it and the contract if there is one and the bill every month. I did put the kid on the plan and he has a nice phone he bought and I warned him no funny business or he'd get disconnected. He has a basic decent phone and he talks and texts more than anything so he adds $25 a month to the bill. He pays that by doing his cleaning chores (dishes, cleaning the floors, washing the windows once a month) and going to gas up my car Friday mornings before school and washing his dad's and my car on Sundays as long as there isn't rain. Plus, he calls me and asks do I need anything from the store on his way home. He takes care of his fish and keeps his room spotless. He's a good kid but even good kids have to realise life is expensive. He marvels at his Dad and I paying 99 cents a gallon for gas back in the day lol. He has a music player for when he works out. I had gone with him to get an iPod for his birthday and I bought him a $100 gift card and his mom bought him an Amazon gift card. My parents got him a gift card and his lil sis bought him some music as well so he had his laptop and music player and music for his last birthday & its what he wanted.

Little girl's birthday is in December and she wants a music player & a subscription to a writing magazine since she likes to read and write. Her mom is getting her a flat iron for her hair since the one she has is getting worn out just about. I know she really wants a laptop but The SO says not quite yet. (She uses the SO's laptop for her schoolwork right now.) He is going to get her one before the next school year next year so she has the summer to make sure she does everything she needs to. Her last birthday I bought her a Nook book reader so she checks out books from the library. The one good thing The SO and his ex do is they never went overboard for Christmas so the kids know not to expect a huge haul. Their birthdays is when they get their big ticket items. Usually they get experiences for Christmas. Their grandparents, cousins and other family get them things for Christmas.

When my mom and I were having our hair done last week we bought 4 nice blankets for my brother and his 3 step children and their Christmas is almost done. My mom is sewing and knitting for other gifts and for Christmas I will get the older one a gift card and the younger wants to go over to Seattle with the SO and I in December when she is off school. She loves Daiso so that will be her present. We're going from the 27th-30th anyhow.

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    It sounds like there are loads of changes going on in your life and that of your SO, but it is all sounding good.

    The kids sound great, like you are all bringing them up to be responsible, well balanced citizens.

    Well done for sticking to health and fitness goals, and refining them, despite all of the things that are happening around you. You sound very organised. emoticon
    1643 days ago
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