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Contemplating Breaking My Streak (with video this time)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Okay, I'll try posting this again and see if the video comes through this time... Sparkgremlins at work?

Yes, you read that correctly, I’m contemplating breaking my exercise streak. Not today. Today was Day 926 and I took an hour-long walk in the park. Today was a great day to streak. No, I’m contemplating breaking my streak at Day 1,000.

If you’re late to the party, here are my streaking rules: At least ten minutes of intentional exercise (not just walking around the grocery store, or housework) every single day. My ten-minute minimum is more like 15, with most days being 20-60 minutes. Those are the basic rules. Some days are hardcore; some are pretty laid back. But I’ve kept this streak going for 926 days in a row. No lie. I really and truly have done this. I have walked, hiked, hula hooped, roller skated, lifted weights, been an elliptical warrior, swam, Zumba, and who knows what else, for 926 days in a row.

Part of me thinks it might be time to end the streak. But I’m on the fence about it. On one hand, I feel like it’s almost played out; it’s lost some of its’ motivating force. On the other hand, I wonder if it’s doing me even more good than I realize. If you get a chance, watch the video, so you can see what’s bouncing around in my head. Maybe you’ll have some input. I have 74 days to make up my mind (barring any unforeseen, streak-breaking incidents outside of my control). To streak, or not to streak--that is the question. :)

But today--WE STREAK!

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!

PS: Please excuse the annoying dropped frames in the video. I was trying out a new video app on my phone and it ended up being a little unreliable...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    810 days ago
    Don't mind the dropped frames! No problem! I like where I live, but I'd like to live in all kinds of places. There is so much beauty in this country. It's pretty in Ohio. Each part of the country has its own charms.
    1620 days ago
  • LADYBUG4869
    My favorite part of this video was your statement of having a "streak of no streaking"...I was kind of tongue tied in my head while digesting what you were saying. I say start another streak and this one can have different goals!! Finish this streak out at 1000 and then start a new streak of streaking!! With entirely different streaking goals!! emoticon Light bulb moment right???!!!
    1636 days ago
    I vote keep it up!
    1641 days ago
  • SLIM153
    1641 days ago
    10 minutes every day is great but how about a weekly streak of 4 or 5 day of at least 60 minutes. Keep up the good work. emoticon
    1648 days ago
    Keep on streaking........ emoticon emoticon
    1664 days ago
  • WINDY01
    Wow! That's amazing! I think you should see if you can keep your streak going for the rest of your life! You have inspired me to start another workout streak. I am sure I can do 10 minutes a day. I know I have already done 16 or so, so far. thank you for your inspiration! I think I will add you as a new friend. We can check up on each other! Good luck!
    1664 days ago
    I see what you mean by undecided. So, for what little it's worth, here is what I think...

    At a minimum, keep going for another 86 days. That takes you to three years!!!! emoticon That's a real biggie!

    I do think you should keep the streak but get a really good reward. When you hit 1,000 sit down and figure out what reward would keep you motivated for another 100, 500, 750 and 1,000. Put pictures of them up on your Wall of Awesomeness so you know where you're going with the streak. Now instead of streaking to streak, you're streaking towards a goal. (That sounded awkward.)

    emoticon 'cause you are always emoticon
    1664 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/28/2013 1:47:03 PM
    I say "Go for another Thousand"
    1665 days ago
    Hi Chelle,

    Your streak has helped motivate not only yourself, but me and a lot of other people on SparkPeople, too.

    As someone who broke her own streak in August of exercising at 140 days straight, with the last 100 days straight of climbing the Eiffel Tower, I would recommend that you keep it going until you have another plan firmly in place.

    My stair streak wasn't motivating me as much any more, and I was thinking it was time to change up my workout, and I was going on vacation, and I didn't want my streak to affect every single day of our vacation. Day 100 of my stair streak was a couple of days before we went on our vacation. I stopped cold turkey on day 101. I did climb the stairs again the next day, but then we went on vacation... and I still have not gotten back into exercising daily... for lots of reasons, few of them good.

    So, I'd recommend that as soon as you have a new plan that you're excited to commit wholeheartedly to break your streak with no regrets. Until then, keep your streak going.

    P.S. I loved your walk. I kept hearing "Squirrel!" every time you saw something else you wanted to show us. LOL.
    1665 days ago
    LOVE your blogs and the scenery! I can relate to what you are saying about the days we get 'busy' and at the end of the day your streak motivates you... Since I got my fitbit I am motivated throughout the day to hit my goal!
    Only you know what is best for you. 900+ day streak is phenomenal!!
    1666 days ago
    1460 has a nice ring to it...4 years! You are such fun!
    1667 days ago
    Keep streaking!
    1669 days ago
    1669 days ago
    I think if you are debating this much it is like you are trying to talk yourself into breaking the streak. Whether it is a post note or a check on Spark people box fitness has become who you are. I dont think you do what you do because of the streak but the streak is encouraging you on the days that you dont want to do anything so you took your excuse away. How can that hurt you ? to be where you can have back your excuse to not do something. Just think if you continue to streak you can have those fab cookies lol . But in the end always do what is best for you as you are the one that has to live with it. emoticon

    PS think about what else the streak gave you . Your daughter has really become a very beautiful lady and Yes after seeing the videos and reading the blogs I believe the more active you became the more active she became . So how will breaking the streak affect your family ? Just a thought
    1669 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/23/2013 4:06:15 PM
  • EDWARDS1411
    Going for a new motivation streak will refresh things up for you, buttttt the one you're on - 10 min. a day - should be a lifestyle one - it's only 10 min. a day, not 20, not 30, not 60 - only 10 - it sounds like one you'd want to keep at.
    1670 days ago
    If you feel you need a new motivation start a new kind of Spark streak.
    Do what makes you happy and keeps you Sparked!!


    1670 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Loved the walk, the scenery is beautiful! Don't know what to tell you. You make good points on both sides of the argument. While many people have good suggestions, it still comes down to you. I guess you'll find out on day 1001.
    1670 days ago
    I agree with some of the other comments, streak becomes a habit. I guess that is the purpose of the streak. I wonder if anyone else has streaked for 1,000 days? I think you should choose a goal and streak that thing. Only you know what would challenge and motivate you. It's up to you.
    1670 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1670 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Keep up the streak!
    1670 days ago
    I posted on your other blog but see it is missing

    stop at 1000..
    start new one with maybe a 15 minute exercise window
    --- and a bonus ---day off if each week you do over the 15 minutes .. everyday.
    1670 days ago
    I think you should keep on streaking.... You even said yourself that it invigorates you! But whatever you decide I am here for you. I feel a big celebration is in order when you reach 1000!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1670 days ago
    Okay, so I rarely comment, although I watch and read all your blogs.

    Two things come to mind:
    1. I wonder how long spark guy's exercise streak is?
    2. How about starting streaking on how many days you can go without those awesome chocolate chip cookies?

    I have to admit, I can't make cookies and found out very early on Spark that homemade cookies were my biggest danger food. I still manage to eat a cookie here or there, but when I make them, well, it isn't pretty!

    I am sure you will make the right choice before those 74 days are up.
    1670 days ago
  • STR458
    how about 5 x yrs as streak breaker?? 1,826 or 7 depending on leap year? since your half way there now
    1670 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Don't want to go to 1,001? Okay, then start counting backwards from 1,000! 999, 998,etc, like anesthsia.. THEN when you get back down to 1, make another decision.
    Psychologically, it may work and keep you(and of course, all of us) motivated.

    What did Audrey think about it? She seemed invested in your pride of days...
    She might have some great ideas..

    How is her school life going these days??I sure miss seeing her (whip-the-hips) hooping and glowing with you!!
    You will figure it out on your won,, maybe Chubbs and Puddin' have some ideas...
    1670 days ago
    Well, my Sparktuitive friend, I really think, from what you've said, that you shouldn't stop the streak or at least, when you celebrate on your 1000th day, start over! So, 1001 or 1, from what you've said, it will keep you accountable and even if the motivation is a great as it once was, it actually does keep you doing some purposeful activity (fitness) for at least 10 minutes each day! So, use it as a tool. Spark on and Streak on is my take on it!! I know, whatever decision you make will be the right one for you, my friend!!
    I love the area you were walking in. So very pretty! I could tell by the redness of your cheeks that the temp was Fall-ish!! And btw, love the hat!! (((HUGS)))
    1670 days ago
    emoticon day 926, here's to 1,000 emoticon
    1670 days ago
    The video still didn't show up, on my computer at least. :-(
    1671 days ago
    You have been so successful with this current streak, and maybe it is time to change your focus to something else after day 1000. After 1000 days, does it seem like something you can keep doing on your own, without counting each day, like a habit? Then it's time to change it up! That's my vote. Good luck deciding.
    1671 days ago
    My vote is to stay streaking. Wouldn't it be cool to have in your obituary that "My mom exercised at least 10 minutes a day since January 1, 2011." (Or whatever day it was.) In 2063, 1-1-11 will seem like 1900 does to us now. Seriously, you have made me consider starting my own streak. So many things get in the way of exercising, it would do me good, even if I get annoyed, many days in a row, with having to continue the streak.
    1671 days ago
    You really do have a beautiful area to walk or do other exercise in. I love seeing it. Maybe that streak has played itself out. I don't know. Maybe you can find some other motivating streak to keep you excited. Whatever you do, I think that streak you've already completed is AWESOME!
    1671 days ago
    You have such beautiful hiking trails!

    I think your fitness streak is automatically built into your head by now, Shelly, and that day 1000 is a great number to use to start a "NEW DAY" and streak about something else like those chocolate chip cookies maybe ( which would actually add up to Tracking to stay within your nutrient ranges). Just an idea for you emoticon
    1671 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    Good video... I have lost my mojo and it has a lot to do with not being committed to a particular schedule I think! So beware, before you ditch the streak... emoticon
    1671 days ago
    I vote for you to continue your streak! The reason behind my thinking that is because at some point you will have to break the streak for some big reason and it probably won't be a happy reason so you should do it as long as you can. Have a party for 1000 and let everyone know they can look forward to another party at the next 1000, or maybe just 500 as 1500 would certainly be a reason to celebrate! Also think how great it is that everyday you can do 10 minutes of at least walking! A great blessing!

    I enjoy you so very much! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1671 days ago
    I think your streak is awesome
    1671 days ago
    Here is my thoughts for you.....

    After you hit 1000 days you have no doubt made this new habit. I really don't think that after you hit 1000 days even if you stop streaking (or recording it) you won't stop exercising. You have made this a habit and a very healthy habit to have! You have done many fun things during your streaking and I feel that you will keep it up.

    I get where you are coming from because I have had the same issues with my nutrition change. It starts to lose it's flavor after a while. But you don't want to give it up or stop because there could be negative results.

    How about this... How about starting some kind of new goal. You have the exercising down, keep that up and start something new. Work more on your nutrition, learn a new sport, take on a new challenge.... the possibilities are endless! See how long you can take on this new challenge or goal.

    Best of luck as you come to your decision in the next 74 days. I have a feeling your choice is going to be epic! Spark on Spark Friend!!!!
    1671 days ago
    Tough call there, I'm a little ocd about those type of things, so it would be a let-down for me to stop. On the other hand, I'm not so sure I would even make day 90+. You rock!
    1671 days ago
    once again I vote for 1001 but it doesn't mean you have to stop the streak that day it just means you could if you feel like it.
    1671 days ago
    isnt part of who you are now? keep the streak if you think for even a second that maybe you won't be as active. to change it up and make it not boring add something 10 min exercise and 5 push ups.or 20 sit ups don't loss it add to it if it helps don't loss it weight comes back on so quickly love you and your blogs thanks so much
    1671 days ago
  • BECCA315
    As a fellow streaker, I can certainly understand the boredom that can set in, and the wondering if it's really helping. I'm not as far along as you, and I know there are some days that I wouldn't do anything at all if I had made the commitment. You might gain some weight back if you stop the walks, but I think it's so ingrained in you now that you will continue, even if you're not keeping track. And it's not like chopping your arm off ~ you can always start another streak if the exercise habit falls by the wayside. And then you would have a concrete goal: to do more days the 2nd time around.

    Good luck!! emoticon
    1671 days ago
    Freeze the chocolate chip cookies into allowable portions for you, then allow your self only 1 package a day. Maybe you could make THAT a streak... 1 package of Ch=Ch cookies per day...who says it has to be a could state it that you will eat 1 treat per day of x number of calories or type or what have you...
    1671 days ago
    I think you should streak on day 1000 of your streak. emoticon

    oh my! emoticon . Did I say that outloud? tee hee

    I hear ya... what a conundrum. What if after streaking for 1000 days, it has really become a habit? Whatever you choose will be right for you.
    1671 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Loved the walk. Keep the streak!!
    1671 days ago
    Streak on baby! You can rock things like nobody else and I am proud of everything you have done!
    1671 days ago
    1000 sounds like a good round number. Everyone needs rest days. You could do 2 on and 1 off streaks? OR... no chocolate chip cookie baking streak. LOL
    Just keep having fun!!
    1671 days ago
    If you quit your streak, will you keep finding those really awesome clearings, and those really pretty woodland trails?

    I am on day 292 of a cardio streak largely inspired by your streak. My goal is to get to at least one year... And let me tell you, there are days that I seriously think I should skip it, but so far, in the end I get up from the computer and walk with Leslie.

    My rules are at least 10 minutes of cardio each day. Usually it is one of Leslie Sansone's WATP videos, but some days it is actually walking outside or maybe gardening or mowing...

    I think that you should shoot at a goal of at least 1095 (3 years).

    As others have pointed out, it is YOUR streak. And who knows, maybe the decision will be taken out of your hands.

    Whatever you decide, keep on walking and hooping!!

    1671 days ago
    Ya, sorry...Sparkstalking...
    I'm all curled up on my bed in a nasty pain induced mood and I have to let you know u made me giggle.
    First...your hat...adorable.
    Second, I am watching u on my phone. I'm usually asleep or haveto be quiet so I don't wake kids. Remember when they used to sell those teensy weensy comic books in those candy machines? That's how tiny your head looks
    Please get Bob and I a job so we can move to your hood...we do toilets.
    1671 days ago
    3:19... Brave. When she follows the forest-glowy things? ya. really pretty.
    I just got to the Magical Clearing...I think we're related.
    When I started watching your video how much I missed your voice.
    Throw a party at 1000...weither u streak or not...if I hafta skip work and hitchhike through a blizzard...I wanna come celebrate awesome.
    Woo to your Hoo.

    1671 days ago
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