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Monday, October 21, 2013

I got an email about the American Diabetes Association having released updated nutrition guidelines, and I was all over that immediately. There weren't really any remarkable new rules for eating with diabetes. In fact, the over-riding theme seemed to be a LACK of rules. The new guidelines stress that there is no one right way to do it. No one right plan, or carb level, or eating style, etc. It touts taking into consideration personal likes and dislikes, ethnic and religious factors, all kinds of stuff. And I like that. The one thing I have learned in the better part of my 33 years I have spent trying to lose weight is that I have to find what works for ME, not what worked for someone else. And the ADA has stepped up to say that's right on the money, within reason of course. Clearly living on candy bars and potato chips isn't going to work, but that won't work for anyone that wants to be healthy. Most of the recommendations are right in line with the recommendations for a healthy diet for non-diabetics also. Good news for someone {ME!} who would NEVER be able to survive on a low carb diet. I thank the health gods that if I had to be diagnosed with diabetes, it was after it became mostly common knowledge that you didn't have to go low carb to manage your disease. Three cheers for new medical research!

And on to the day...

No exercise today. Le sigh. It's TOM and my cramps are so bad that I can barely sit upright, so exercising wasn't going to happen. Hopefully the pain will be much better by tomorrow and I can get out and get in a workout.

Food has been okay, though. I slept ridiculously late again, so my food got off to a late start. I didn't cook, but I did make a healthy choice from Wendy's, so it has been a successful day for sticking to plan. I still have plenty of calories left for a snack before bed to hopefully keep me out of the kitchen until tomorrow morning.

I got a fairly pleasant surprise on the scale this morning. After eating badly over the weekend and not exercising, and then tossing TOM in on top of it, I was expecting to be up a couple lbs. Instead I was still exactly at 262, right where I was last week. Of course I wish the scale had gone down, but all things considered, I'm a-okay with maintaining for the week. Hopefully next week will give me some better results!

I'm making big plans for tomorrow -- cooking and a workout. If anyone has a couple of spare fingers, cross them that my body will cooperate and let me get back to it.

Hope everyone has had a good Monday!

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    I'm glad the new diabetes guidelines sound so reasonable. My mother has had diabetes for years, and it's taken her this long to really manage things well, and she is now by basically doing what is right for her. I'm terrified of getting diabetes myself, as it runs in my family, and that's one of the main reasons I've been trying to be healthier. I couldn't live on a super low carb diet either!

    TOM is such a b#$tch, I know! And cramps are the worst. But I do find that if I manage to get some movement in, even if it's not a full blown workout, it does tend to relieve the pain somewhat. I think it's amazing that the scale remained the same for you this week considering all you're going through. I ALWAYS go up at least a few pounds around my TOM, no matter how good I'm being!

    Hope you have a great day, as your plans for tomorrow as written in your blog should actually be taking place today! ;)

    1672 days ago
    1672 days ago
    It seems like a lot of studies are now adopting the everything in moderation idea of healthy eating. I agree wholeheartedly. I went no wheat for a while, and while i did feel a little bit better (Less Belly bloat) it was hard to maintain, and i craved bread like never before.

    I try and go one step further with the everything in moderation and try and cut back on processed foods. We should take a lesson from our grand parents and Great Grand Parents. Very few of them were overweight in general. And they ate food, real food, Fast food didn't exist yet, meats were bought fresh from the butcher, breads made at home or bought fresh from the Bakery. No microwave meals and not a million tons of sodium in everything.

    Food! who would of thought that the secret was just in eating real food!
    1672 days ago
    So the ADiabetesA gets it right.... Nice! I followed the link and skimmed the document for it and skimmed it. I agree. The one theme I also caught was about education. They seem to really want to push the idea of people working with dieticians for Diabetes management. And while thats all a good idea... you need a dietician who specializes in diabetes, IMHO. When mk found out she was diabetic, her PCnurse who has a focus on diabetes form the medical end of things told her the best thing she could do was take a class on it at the local hospital. Wasnt too bad, and "reasonably" helpful.
    (grins) remember - cooking is fun. Or to quote Doc Emmet Brown from Back to the Future..." ITS A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!!!" mk and I both cook and for lack of better words or phrasing - we're spice whores. We spice EVERYTHING it seems. Just make sure you dont hve any spice or herb allergies! Needless to say we dont use a staple - BASIL! But alas, I digress....
    Hope your week gets better - and congrats on holding the scale steady!!!!!
    1672 days ago
  • JO88BAKO
    Hi! Love your plans for tomorrow. Have fun cooking and great you are going to get some exercise. What are you going to cook? I'm going to make chili Wed. or Thurs. It is supposed to 'cool off' then. I'm with you - never enough nutritional info. I also think everything in moderation. I also spend a lot of time at the grocery store reading labels. Have a really great day. Oh ya, no critters ate any of my buds today.
    1672 days ago
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