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Tough day so far

Monday, October 21, 2013

Good afternoon,

So this morning I went to see my GP for a general check-up. Yesterday, when I weighed myself I was 325.4, and I was sooo happy that I had lost weight! But, this morning, my doctor weighed me on his scale and I weighed approx. 327.7 or something (it was one of those scales that you have to move big squares over for each 50 lbs, and then for 10lbs, then for 1 lb..anyways it wasn't fully balanced - I was staring at the little arrow and ... ugh anyways, I figured ok, Sunday dinner, breakfast, blabla ok 2 extra lbs. but then he said "Ok, you lost weight, last time you came in you were 356 now you're 328, good".

Ok, I know I am overreacting probably (it's been a few hrs since I got home) but I am soooo disappointed in myself and him. Disappointed in myself bc how did I gain 3 lbs in less than 24 hrs. Disappointed in him for rounding UP - ok I know that mathematically, anything that it X.8, or x.6 .7 .9 should be rounded up to the next integer, but it just hurt. And the second thing is that he wasn't as happy as I thought he would have been to know that I lost a good amount of weight since the last time we saw each other which was in August and he has been repeating over and over for me to start being more active and careful as to what I eat. I've been taking his advice...I just wanted a bit more, I don't know, maybe a Congrats or something.

I hate the scale now. I think I'm gunna hide it in the closet until next Sunday for my challenge more hopping on it every time I pass by it
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    more power to you on your journey! Rooting for you!
    1639 days ago
    It was probably just the scale! I wouldn't worry about it too much! You are doing great & are getting healthier & better every single day! Don't let a number get you down! You are so much more than a number! Keep up the great work:)

    1645 days ago
    I totally u.understand the frustration of the different numbers you get at the doctors office. I think all doctors scales are set at least 5lbs heavier.Lol When I last went to my doctor, we talked about my weight loss according to her chart, but I told her what MY numbers were. I felt it was important for her to know what my heaviest was, even though it was different than what she had, and what I weighed in at that morning at home. The reality is, we weigh our lightest usually first thing, but life starts right away so like eberkshire says, go by the number on your scale because that is what you use to measure your weight and next time, yell your doctor your numbers and be PROUD of your successes! As long as we are on this journey of getting healthy, we shouldn't be afraid of the scales anymore! We need to just be proud of our hard work and the strength that we gain on our healthy lifestyle journey.
    1646 days ago
    You are writing as though 28 pounds isn't a significant amount of weight to lose! IT IS! You should feel darn proud of yourself because you worked hard to get where you are and you aren't about to give up yet!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Just think, in the grand scheme of things, does a 0.3 lb difference really matter more than continuing to live a long and healthy life? Is that 0.3 REALLY the mark between a "good job" and a "bad job"?

    Even though your doctor didn't throw confetti or congratulate you, it sounds like he WAS pleased that you took his advice! If you continue your weight loss trend, I'm sure he'll be even more happy the NEXT time you visit.

    In the meantime, continue with all the healthy habits you've established. The scale is not the only way to measure health!
    1646 days ago
    all scales are calibrated differently if you weigh in regularly on yours I would still go by that don't let it get you down I don't think I have ever weighed at home what they say I weigh at the doctors!
    1646 days ago
  • JUSTME9898
    Well I will say it. You are doing great! down 28 pounds, Think what that looks like. think about pulling the fat from the inside of chickens and not stopping until you had 28 pound piled on multiple plates. That's a lot of fat to get rid of.
    The scale fluctuates 2-3 pounds just from what you have drank that day.
    Yes, you are strong and great and doing the right things. AUGUST!!! that's only a couple of months ago.
    CONGRATULATIONS! keep up the good work
    1646 days ago
    congrats even at 328 that was a 28 pound loss. That is awesome. My guess is that you actually didn't gain three pounds it is different scales and you also have to take into account the amount of clothes being worn. When I weigh myself at home I am naked, but when I had to get a physical I was about 4-5 pounds heavier.
    1646 days ago
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