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Monday morning inventory

Monday, October 21, 2013

Every weekend leads to Monday. Monday morning so many of us wake up, and "take inventory" of how the weekend went.

Sometimes the "how it went" is a triumph... we touched lives with loved ones. We stuck with our food and activity plans... and we feel good. Even Polly Perfectionist is almost cheering from the sidelines.

Sometimes (think to your worst past Mondays) the weekend "didn't go so well". Maybe you overindulged in isolation, hiding from uncomfortable emotions and now you're dealing with "OMG, why did I *do* that?" Or maybe it was habitual with the folks you were with to eat a lot of treats and you fell back into the "old ways." In the aftermath, it might even escalate into feelings of "why do I even try?"

But most times its a mix: you had a celebration weekend, but savored the relationships as well as the food. You might have been a little less active as you focused on the people who maybe aren't quite as active as you like to be. But you did your best and you kept a balanced point of view.

Even if you were super active, there's the other extreme: you overdid, you are fatigued, tired and now looking to face the week ahead.

The one thing that is common among all these scenarios? LIFE goes on. However your weekend went... it's MONDAY. You woke up. You took a breath... and you are alive on the planet to count your blessings, assess what needs doing TODAY... to live, one decision at a time.

So... pack that bag (so you can eat what's in it), cook that breakfast, stretch out, move gently, remembering to go to recess... and Spark on! Because YOU are worth it. emoticon
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