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Monday 10-21-2013 Assortment

Monday, October 21, 2013

William went on a two-week vacation to Paris and left his cat, Whiskers—his beloved companion for more than ten years—in the care of his brother Peter. When he arrived in Paris, William called and asked how the cat was doing.
“Oh, the cat? He died,” Peter said bluntly.
“What!” shrieked William. “How could you tell me a horrible thing like that?”
“How else was I supposed to tell you?” Peter asked.
“You could have broken it to me gently,” William explained. “You could have said Whiskers was up on the roof but the fire department was working on getting him down. Then tomorrow you could have told me, ‘He fell, but don’t worry—the vet is doing his best to fix him up.’ Then finally, on the third day, you could have said they did all they could but couldn’t save Whiskers.”
Peter replied, “You’re right. That does sound better.”
“Forget it,” said William, exasperated. “Anyway, how’s Mom doing?”
Peter thought for a second and then answered, “She’s up on the roof, but the fire department is trying to get her down.”
How old was Louis Braille when he devised his raised-dot writing system for the blind?

Only 15. Braille, who lost his sight when he was three, started working on the dot patterns when he was 12.
Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall starred in a 2001 Pepsi commercial. Dressed as Goldilocks, Cattrall wanders into a football locker room and finds a bunch of chilled cans of soda. After tasting them all, she decides that Pepsi One is “just right.” The camera cuts to the football players returning, at which point Cattrall is in the team’s hot tub. After just a few airings, Pepsi removed the ad from circulation. Was it because of complaints over the implied nudity or sexual innuendo? Nope. The NFL threatened to sue because the players’ jerseys looked too much like those of the Chicago Bears.
Scottish inventor John Logie Baird gave the first public demonstration of television in 1926.
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