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Life and Times of a Vagabond Runner.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

That sounds like a good title, doesn't it?

I thought so too!

Guess what? .............ok WHAT!!!, you say.
The answer is. It doesn't mean anything at all. The front page of a sales ad, lost leader, wasted trip, sorry about your luck.

Now that only the cool people are reading, let us continue.

I have done many miles and then some walking and thinking. (25th is GO day for running). This is a regurg of thoughts.

The back corner of my house has a little room in it. The title is "The Den", but back room is actually much more appropriate. There are 2 dog cages, a large "L" shaped desk which was intended as a computer/homework place, 2 book shelves (full of real books), 1 treadmill, some small exercise equipment, and some motivational posters. Quit a lot for a little room. This is where I'm sitting, where I've done my sitting all weekend. That's like a total of 3 hours of sitting from last Wednesday on. I like to stay active and moving, it keeps my blood pressure and heart rate up. The posters, yes, the posters. My favorite is "It's never too late to become what you might have been" ~George Elliot. What I might have been was an Environmental Chemist, but lets stay within reality. That was 23 years ago I hit the 98% in the nation on a chemistry test at MI Tech. Currently it's more of a restaurant/lounge owner/manager. Now that I am making steps toward that, IT SUCKS. My job switch to less work and more training is costing me BIG. How does $30,000 per year sound, and this is no joke. I was making a lot lot lot of money, with a lot lot lot of crap to go with it, so I can handle the trade off. The worst of all is the new stress of pushing all the time. My brains are spun up so tight right now it is a constant dull ache for my third week strait. I Know-I Know- I could try relaxing a little. But that would be no trainer, no supervisor, no bar, and then no training on the paperwork stuff. This is a tight market, and I better know and understand the numbers. I now have the approval from two levels up to give me a raise on the floor, raise at the bar, and whatever training/answers/info I can handle and/or ask for.

The family- do you know what it takes for a child to get expelled from the school busing system? Enough Said! this is way bigger than any job difficulties.

My running. As some who have followed, I get hurt a lot. Some is me, some running form, some work. I changed jobs to remove that. I'm working on the whole inner Chi, one with earth, energy flow, Pax Konrada, up down, right left, light dark, good over bad mindset. No depression equals always happy. Always happy leads to good health, leads to good blood flow, leads to healthy muscles, leads to active, leads to happiness, leads to good health, leads to a crazy spinning wheel of death because there are so many factors to watch out for that your brain gets spun into a tight mess of knots that leads to a three week headache.


Back to running. "I CAN"T RUN!!"!!! The 25th is my freedom date on a cracked heal. What to do in the middle of this. Read. Read. Read books on Chi, Chi running, form running, no injury running. And use machines, light cross training, biking, and the pool which I hate. To let you know. I've run bare foot in the sand, sprinted on my toes, felt the rock, launched off the tree root, dug up the hill, chopped down the hill, practiced falling forward, run with my heart, felt the joy, remembered the kid, felt the kid in me, play like a game, chased the rabbit, "be the movement", felt the pounding of a race horse. Really, how many ways can there be. To let everyone know- I can out run the rabbit, out last the horse, and my childhood was "not fun". The best advice I've ever got. "you've got to learn to run for yourself". What I want to do is strap on my 5.3mm offset trail shoes with the firm fore foot for positive feel, neutral guidance to let my foot pronate correctly, and soft heel in case I jam down wrong. Then go out on the 26th and run with my heart/lungs/brain and blow this stuff out of my life and right through the soles of my feet.

Conclusion. Is the headache from the job learning curve worth it? tell you in 3 years.
Is there a form out there for me? tell you after spring marathon.
Is the family stuff going to work out? think so, just don't know the form

By the way. I feel and embrace every one of these thoughts. They are not good or bad. They just are. they are just the waves in my ocean. remember, it's the waves that make that relaxing sound.

Congratulations everyone. You just made it through a Konrad down load.

PS- the best advice came from a guy my age in my town that runs 60 miles a week and 12 marathons a year. drinks, smokes sometimes, like cheeseburgers, and only buys shoes on sale. he said it took him two years to learn. I'm at 16 months.

Thank you and sunny skies. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW! You definitely have a lot on your mind and going on in your life. It sounds like you are "doing what you can" to not only keep your sanity with the situation, but to continually try to improve. That's all we really can do.

    I'm glad you are looking into Chi. I've found that once I focus on me and get myself and try to get my chakras in order, then things seem to improve. Maybe not "really," but I'm better at handling them.

    Hang in there! Take it easy and listen to your body! Do what you have to do for your family, but don't forget to take care of you.

    P.S. My father-in-law recently retired for Michigan Tech. You obviously are an intelligent person to score that high at Tech!!!
    1667 days ago
    I feel for you, Konrad. You've got a lot going on and lots of it would throw just about anyone off kilter. Just remember how important it is, especially in these tough times, to stay connected to your health and to the reasons behind why it's important. You're worth seeing all of this through and for working towards the things that will make you as happy and healthy as you can be.

    Here's a ray of sunshine right back at 'ya!

    1668 days ago
    I love the way you think and share! Thank you. Can't wait to hear how that first run went again.
    1668 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Yikes. It definitely sounds like you have been super busy & stressed. It is hard to just let go and relax - especially when life is still going on around you!
    That is good you are taking some time to read. Reading books & reading your body is important!

    Sometimes it is important to take a step back and look at life without bias. When strong feelings are involved, making quick decisions isn't always a good idea. Even though you are stressed, I am glad you are looking at your life with a realistic view instead of a negative one!
    1673 days ago
    Well, I made it through the download....great start. Yep, you are a whirlwind and a cesspool and a jumble of mental emotional knots.

    I don't believe in positive thinking. It does more harm than good. It is an abomination actually. It is a misuse of the most powerful force in the universe.

    If you truly want to get through this stuff the 1st step is to admit that this is your comfort zone.

    Now I'm leaving the room....slowly!
    1675 days ago
    I enjoyed today's Konrad download.

    1. Your "the den" sounds like my "dining room." It really is the homework room, the craft room, the mess-o'-papers room. Sometimes there are dirty clothes in it from the kids emptying their gym bags (ew), and sometimes lunch boxes, and sometimes (most times) too much of the paperwork I have that I can't figure out how to manage.

    2. Hear you on the job front. My salary this year is less than 1/2 than it was last year. Results means cutbacks have been made in several areas, mainly anything that makes our house NOT look like the front yard from "Malcolm in the Middle." Will it pay off? I hope so. I love so much about the current job I'm working (I work mostly from home and travel a bit - a WAY cool big trip coming up) even though it causes a lot of stress here at home for many reasons. (sigh)

    3. Bronson Arroyo. Being as you're from MI, you might not know who he is. He's a pitcher on the Cincinnati Reds. He's never been injured. EVER. I know, odd, right? I'm waiting for every pro player and coaches forcing their players to follow his lead - (me included). ;-) I hear he does Yoga. Hmmm...

    Hang in there K. 16 months is only baby steps. The world is still yours to have.
    1675 days ago
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