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Huge Milestone Today!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I went for a jog today. I decided to see if I could jog five miles nonstop still (It had been a long time, and to my recent memory, the furthest I could go was 4 miles nonstop) I ended up jogging a route and by the time I got closer to my house, I had already jogged about 7 and 3/4 miles. I was already quite surprised that I had gone that far. I realized that if I could just jog a lit bit further, I would finally be able to make 10. So, I ended up finishing on the school track. It took me nine laps around it but I ended up jogging a total of 10 miles nonstop! I am SO proud of myself! I have seriously never done that before. I remembered the triumph I felt when I jogged my first lap around a high school track, and there I was jogging a full 10 miles!

It is especially rewarding because I am heavier than the lowest weight I have ever been, which tells me that even though I've been this weight before, I was NOT as healthy as I am now even with the extra weight. I guess this eases the anger I had towards myself about gaining weight back. The gain didn't take away the fitness that I had been working so hard for.

Another thing that I credit to being able to endure that jog in the first place was swimming. I have been going a couple times per week, and it's been helping me train to temper my breathing so I am more comfortable and able to handle it when I push myself.
I'm definitely sore. I was smart enough to walk around today rather than sit around after something like that. One thing I thought was weird was I actually had salt crystals all over my arms and legs, and it was on my face too. Weird. I have my base time now, so while I'm not going to jog 10 miles every weekend (only because I don't wan to hurt my knees) I will continue to train so that I can shorten my time.
I will admit, it was slow, but the key is I jogged the ENTIRE 10 miles!

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