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Reality verses the Mind.....

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I have never really enjoyed WORKING OUT. For me, fitness was activity/movement and not ...WORKING OUT. I could NEVER relate to those that ENJOYED that pastime. I had the fleeting moment of ...GOOD FOR YOU.....and that was it. Never saw myself as one to relish the time. I dreaded it and couldn't wait for it to end.

I am changing.

RAMBO has changed me. emoticon

I am changing.

I totally understand the WORKOUT FITNESS MINUTES. It is continuous movement and starts to count after ten minutes. I didn't like it at find it challenging and a game. I want to see how much I can do.

Sometimes when I look at that clock, I am horrified that only 6 minutes have gone by. I do a pep talk in my head to PUSH ON. After the ten minutes have is GAME ON! My energy level raises to the UNSTOPPABLE within me.

Most times I am doing this at work. When we are slow...I walk. Our business is long. From the tagging area to the back 136 steps. I know this..for I counted! LOL! When headed to the back....I jog so that if a customer walks in..they only see my back. I walk back to the the customer sees me walking ..and not jogging towards them. Do I need to explain this? LOL...didn't think so!

I don't want to stop. I want those minutes. The other day...I had a telemarketer call and I was HOT. Thought if my time was going to start over because of them........I would HUNT them DOWN! I was rude.....hung up...and off I went once more.

I am stronger in my steps. I FEEL my legs...I FEEL my stride. My breath is not so......labored as when I first started.

I am also back to doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution. That too makes me strong. My focus is now sharp. Before I would do the DVD and would keep looking at the time and tell myself to hang on...I only have this amount of time to go. I hated her movements. I wanted to die. THINK about what I am doing....I am focused and concentrating on the task at hand...and the time takes care of itself.

I am changing.

I am by far...NOT an athlete. My mind sees me as one..but in reality...I am not. I am working on it. If you could see would laugh! I am glad I cannot see me!

This is now...but not my tomorrow.

My dental work should be done in December. Once my teeth are indeed completed....I shall train...for that 13.1 ......that will transpire in May of 2015. I have GRAND illusions of 26.2......but.....13.1 is my goal. I have is not impossible be able to do more.

RAMBO.....RAMBO.....brought out something in me.....that I have always wanted to do.....if only in my mind.....

now....that is indeed becoming a reality.

My reality and my mind are starting to collide.

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