Reboot Inspiration: More Successful Than Weight Watchers

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Do you need something you can do now, in your present condition, without hurting yourself? Something free or extremely low cost? Something that is GOOD for you and not weird? SOMETHING YOU CAN DO EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

This program was rated right behind in-treatment programs, and AHEAD OF Weight Watchers.

Allow me to introduce you to someone who lost 140 lbs on this program, AND KEPT IT OFF. That is TRUE LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

This is Brenda Willis.

And this is her story. Which can be our story. If IF we will work for it. 2.21 minutes:

It is through SparkPeople that I first found The Step Diet. So I am grateful to SP for that. There is also a Step Diet book and Step Diet SparkTeam:

The most important thing is, start moving your feet.

As said in a link above, the only things Brenda needed for the 140lbs, was shoes, a pedometer, and a place to use them.

Now there are smart phones with free pedometer apps (if you always wear your phone), and FitBit and many other gadgets. Myself, I prefer an Omron pocket pedometer that runs on a watch battery, this simple one is my fav although they have other ones you can download to your computer etc. I don't need that, and my phone is an old fashioned flip phone not a smart phone.

The Omron HJ-112 is available from Amazon or Walmart with free or almost free shipping available (check prices at both locations):

If you can only move as far as 5 mins out and 5 mins back, then start there. The most important thing is, to start. As Brenda says, 5 mins is better than nothing.

You are in charge of saving your own life.

It's time for a change. It's time for a reboot. Will you join me?

Just start moving. Do 3 mins more walking, than you did yesterday.

You CAN DO THIS. The question is, WILL you do this?

Join me, and let's keep each other accountable.

No looking back. No unrealistic goals. Start right where you are, right now, today, embrace your current reality, embrace the truth because it's where you're at right now; and then MOVE FORWARD.

No matter what your story is, no matter what happened to get you where you are today, no matter the validity, the importance, and the impact of those things, the most important thing is to move now, today, regardless of what or how brought you to where you are.

STOP LOOKING BACK, AND START WALKING FORWARD, and the most important thing, begin it NOW.

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.
Re-focus on your goal.
Make a full, whole-hearted committment to the daily changes, time, and effort that the goal requires.
Admire yourself for the courage to begin again.
And then BEGIN.

Remember what it is that you REALLY want; focus on that, on that SOMETHING ELSE that is MORE IMPORTANT than the fear of beginning again.

Copy one of these pix with the benefits of walking, to your desktop, so you can read the benefits. Make a list of the benefits and post them on your mirror, monitor, fridge, bedside, etc. Did you know each pound lost takes 4lbs of pressure off of your knees?

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