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Not Quite the Plank Warrior...

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I planned on walking and vlogging this morning; had something I wanted to bounce off y'all. But it's grey and rainy, so i'll chug along on the elliptical today and take a walk with y'all on Monday instead. I love walking outside in the fall, here in Ohio. It's absolutely beautiful right now, with all the leaves changing. We didn't have a lot of trees where I grew up and the ones that did seemed to drop their leaves overnight. So, Fall is still a novelty to me and I love it.

Know what I don't love? Planking. It's true. I do not like it, Sam I Am. I understand how very great it is for your core and all, but I think I may taper off on the 30 Day Plank Challenge. Here's the challenge, if you missed it earlier:

I do NOT look like this chick when I'm planking. Plus, she's planking without a guinea pig, so I question her commitment.

Anywho, I've really stuck to the schedule. I even made it to a two- (very hard and ugly) minute plank. Here is a pic of my plankchat with Shelley, day before yesterday.

You need true friends, in moments like these.

But yesterday, I tried the 2 1/2 minutes and only made it 90 seconds. I'm starting to get ominous twinges in my lower back and the feeling of loathing and dread I've developed for this challenge has somewhat lessened its motivational impact. So, I think I will bid adieu to this particular challenge. I may keep planking, but for much shorter periods. I will not be forging on, to the five-minute mark. No thank you. But it was fun trying. Until it wasn't fun. Then it was just loathing.

Speaking of challenges, my team started another round of the 5% Weight Loss Challenge this week and I'm down half a pound. I'm thrilled! I know some people get very disappointed when they see losses that are less than a pound or two. Not me. I get excited about any loss at all, especially when I was expecting to see a five-pound gain. So, join me in doing a Happy Dance. Seriously. Stop what you're doing, get up and do a three-second Happy Dance. It's good for you.

See? I just did one. It was very rewarding.

I will leave you with this pic of one corner of my Shelf of Awesome, which is my motivational shrine of things that make me ridiculously happy. Please note the words propped up on Statue of Liberty Spongebob.

I will. And you will too. (Here's the secret--we already ARE.)

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!

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