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I can't WAIT for dinner tonight - groan

Saturday, October 19, 2013

It looks like after several postponements and cancelations we're finally going out to dinner with my husband's mom and her idiot boyfriend. This was supposed to happen on my husband's birthday, back in September but...very important things kept happening. Right because there is so much that is more important than your son.

He's used to this, but I can tell that its bothering him. The worst was last weekend. She called him midweek to tell him that she wasn't feeling well and wasn't up to dinner. Ok so you're not feeling well on Wednesday so why not go ahead and pull the plug on plans for Saturday. Then we realized that a NASCAR race was in town, we're not into it and neither is she but I think idiot boyfriend is.

The thing is, we get that not everyone is into the same things. It would have been do much better if she had said that Ron wanted to go to the race so could we do it next week. I'm pretty sure that she would know that would be our cue to say oh let's go anyway and NOT take him.

Her fault there. I've never really cared for him, but I pretend because it's none of my business. She's not nice to him, its very strange. At first I couldn't figure what he was getting out of the relationship until I clued in that it was about money.

I am by no means a snob. There is nothing wrong with honest work. I knew that he was some sort of mechanic. A switch from my father-in-law who was a hospital administrator, but whatever you know. What I am not impressed by is that he doesn't have health insurance, smokes, drinks way too much, and claims that he can't actually own property because he had heart surgery and "they" will seize any asset because he has some sort of medical lien against him.

I don't know how much of that is true. I think it's an excuse to live paycheck to paycheck. He doesn't even have a checking account because of "them" so he just cashes his checks and walks around with cash.

More and more I'm also suspecting that he wasn't ever really in the Navy like he claims because he gets really vague about it and once told my mother-in-law that he got out on a hardship claim when his wife was pregnant with his oldest son. This makes no sense to me. Lots of people in the military have kids. My dad certainly served long after my older two sisters were born.

Really though what bothers me is the drinking. I've never seen the man without a drink in his hand. My parents do not drink, never have. There is a history there of family alcoholism so neither of them go near the stuff. In deference to them I did not serve wine with dinner when we had everyone over for Thanksgiving. He was, of course armed with a flask and kept taking nips off of it when he thought no one was looking. Seriously, what are you 14 sneaking around? Pathetic that someone can't go a single day, not even a day, more like 5 hours without drinking.

The real issue though is that he moved in with MIL. They had a big row and she kicked him out. We thought that was the end of it and then the next thing we know they're going on vacation together. Now she seems determined to thrust us all together every chance she gets and doesn't seem to remember the fact that she spent about an hour ranting and raving about him to us and seems confused as to why we might be acting funny around him.

We're going to this really nice restaurant. I already know how this is going to go. Ron is going to try to order for me. This will totally blow a chip in my brain so even if he happens to guess exactly what I would have ordered, I will in fact pick something different. He'll try to push drinks on us. I normally would have wine with dinner but I don't want to drink around someone I'm sure is an alcoholic. It just seems odd. He's going to get drunk and start getting loud.

because loud = funny

See, he hasn't done anything yet and already I'm angry.

perhaps I should unclench

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  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    Good luck getting her ought this.it doesn't sound like a fun night.
    1674 days ago
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