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To the my Sapphires and all that struggle this time of year

Friday, October 18, 2013

Love my team. It is great have support and a little competition all wrapped up into one group.

This is a large group. Per PH the fall is typically a large session each BLC year. I never really thought much of it before, but I'm kind of surprised. Maybe its because school is starting the kids are out of the house and you can finally (or so you think) start a normal schedule.

But after a few very recent discussions I realized this is a very, very tough time of the year to be in a weight loss challenge.

Fall problems:
** Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas - all with traditions of sweet treats and deserts. Over stuffing, parties, gatherings and cocktails!
** Autumn - shorter days, cooler weather and the desire to curl up with a book
** The promise of the New Year. .. That little thought in the back of your mind 'well there's always next year'.

And the excuse - the produce just isn't as tasty.

ERRRRT (I don't know how to type that buzzer sound).

OK I'll give, winter tomatoes are a little less than desired but there are plenty of other options. - Spark and your teammates are never short on great ideas and suggestions!

I declare on this day it is time to start NEW holiday traditions. I'm sorry, but if your family or mine can't appreciate that food can be and is delicious and healthy then :P plffllffb (again I'm horrible at typing sounds) on them. My mother may grumble that we are not eating her ______ but she gets over it. Kids may be a little more difficult, but again, don't you want them to learn how to eat well instead of having to face the battles that we face?

Well I can't make the days go any longer, but if we shut down every time its dark out - we'll never get anywhere. You still have 16 hours in a day (8 for sleeping) - just because its dark earlier doesn't mean out tooshes should hit the sofa earlier. There is this cool new invention called a flashlight. Maybe you've heard of it. But it is wondrous!

And finally - join me in making the commitment in ending this year was a bang and an "I did it" instead of an uggh I can't believe I did that... again. How much better well it feel to start the New Year knowing you kept promises to yourself and knowing this is something you can do. No more - I'll start again at the beginning of the year. Starting AGAIN means you quit AGAIN. STOP THAT!

There are 10 weeks left in this year (yes life goes on beyond the BLC) -- Give me one fighting strong week. One week where you impress even yourself. Then we'll talk about the next week. I'm in - Are you?
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