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Wedding Pictures

Friday, October 18, 2013

Okay, here are some of the wedding pictures. It's not all of the ones we took. I'm still waiting on some of the other ones. We had two people taking pictures and these are some of the ones we got back from one of them. We also do have some video shots, but my husband hasn't loaded them off the camera yet. I'm gonna have to try to get him to do that this weekend and if he does and I figure out how to add them onto here, I'll make a new blog with that on. My only regret is that I gained 30 pounds instead of losing it and you can kinda tell my dress doesn't fit because of it. But they're still good pictures and we all had a lot of fun. I also couldn't get some of them to load. Kept getting the message that they were "too big to save." Don't know what in the world is up with that. It's not like they're enormous photos. If you really want to see one, I guess send me an email or something and I'll try to send it that way. Just let me know which one(s) you want to see. If not, I'll be posting them on my FB. Anyway. So here they are.

My handsome husband

The absolutely beautiful cake that my uncle made for us

The start of the processional, with my husband to be at that time started walking up

Our moms and my cousin walking up wouldn't load.

My cousins. One a ring bearer and the other my flower girl also wouldn't load.

Groomsman and bridesmaid who was my honorary maid of honor even though she couldn't be my real maid of honor due to age. Both my cousins

Another groomsman and bridesmaid. One of my brothers and a good friend of mine

Another groomsman and bridesmaid. My aunt and uncle

The best man and my maid of honor. Both are our respected best friends

Me walking up

A couple shots of us at the "altar" with the judge talking

The ring exchange

Our first kiss as husband and wife. I still think it's awesome that even the judge was smilin like a fool and clapping like everyone else

Us walking down as husband and wife

The entire wedding party wouldn't load. Big bummer. It is an awesome picture.

The groom and bridesmaids

The groom and groomsmen

Me and my bridesmaids. There were two sets of pictures taken for this, but sadly the second and really cute one wouldn't load again. Big shame.

Me and the groomsmen

Me and my husband

A close up of our rings. My engagement ring is on as well at this point

Us and our moms

Us, our moms, and our grandmothers

Us and the maid of honor. She was chosen as maid of honor, not just because she's my best friend, but she also brought my husband and I together. So without her, this wouldn't have happened. Plus, she pushed through having two broken feet and being in massive pain to be there for us. She's awesome. Love her.

Now this is a hilarious picture. We were taking more pictures of me and him and the best man was trying to get my husband to smile big and whatnot, so he decided to embarrass the crap out of him. He grabbed his butt. Twice. I lost it. It's way too funny.

This is the best man tackling the groom as we were taking some "walking away" pictures. Another funny one.

Another picture of us kissing. I kinda have to admit, we look rather cute when we kiss...

And this is the absolute best shots taken when we were doing the cake thing. The second one is the second time I got him. I actually got him three times, lol. And it also shows my AWESOME hairstyle. My cousin did a fantastic job on my hair.

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