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Seasons of mist...

Friday, October 18, 2013

We need potatoes, we grow quite a few for 'new' ones but not any keepers so I usually order a sack of them by telephone from a local farm. They deliver them to my door either the same day or the next one.
Very good service!

This morning I decided a walk would do me good, the idea being to walk up to the farm and order them in person. It's my friend's farm so I knew there'd be a hot drink at the end of it.

It was quite misty when I came to set off and cold with it so I retreated back indoors to don my thermal johns and a vest, not very becoming but it certainly keeps out the chill. My bad knee tends to ache in the cold so they help with that too!

Eventually I set off, it was quite misty in the village, not too bad and pleasant with it but when I took the path up to the farm it became denser...a proper misty morning!
The poetic 'seasons of mist' and all that!

It was very quiet and muffled, almost eerie, every sound seemed to come from a distance and hedges and trees loomed at me from their grey surroundings.
The church bell tolled ten o'clock sounding far away like it was in another village and not our own.
No birds were singing.

The lane to the farm was rutted and wet with puddles after the recent bad weather, they sat flat surfaced and sullen in their boggy mire and showed no reflections.
The hedges on either side dripped steadily and the wet cloying mist clung to me making me feel damp and cold. I rued putting on my fingerless mittens, proper gloves would have been better as my finger ends felt frozen to the marrow...I use fingerless ones so I can take pictures without having to take my gloves off!

A horse neighed, sounding far away in the distance but there he was resplendent in his trendy green waterproof coat beside a looming chestnut tree. He wandered over for a stroke and the apple he knows I usually take for him. His mane was wet and glistening but he was happy enough, tossing his head and breathing little wisps of steamy breath from his nostrils as he munched steadily on my offering. He cantered back across the field as I continued on my way.

Bedraggled burdock, brown and hooked, hung their heads as if in shame and sheep's wool caught on the barbed wire fences seemed gathered thick and limp instead of in their usual soft and fluffy bunches.

A bright yellow horse chestnut leaf made a welcome beacon in the glistening mud as I plodded on up and over the brow of the hill towards the old stone farmhouse.
I'm still pretty slow at walking but I made good progress and was pleased with how I coped with some of the trickier muddy patches...perseverance and also knowing that my friend knew I was on my way and would come to look for me if I didn't appear.
I always take my mobile 'phone when I'm out walking but there are lots of places around here where it doesn't work and it would be just my luck to fall into a ditch or something and not be able to get a it's amazing how peace of mind can help spur you on!

Eventually the farmhouse appeared on the horizon, the mist made it seem nearer than I knew it really was but it was a welcome sight.
It's eighteenth century, squarely and solidly built with bright eye like windows which twinkle at you. The whole house seems to have a benign presence like an old and favourite uncle sat waiting for you. Usually it's a crisp shining white but the bleak morning made it look grey and dull against it's backdrop of gloomy trees.

Ben, the black labrador, appeared from the gloom and barked a welcome, I rubbed his head, his rheumy old eyes looked up at me trustingly and suddenly I was in the old square fold yard with rusty ginger chickens clucking around my feet and a disgruntled tabby yard cat watching me stealthily from the doorway of a building.

The house's solid old wooden door opened to my knock and my friend stood there in the glowing brightness of the doorway welcoming me in with a dazzling smile.

I enjoyed a chat, a hot drink and a piece of delicious home made chocolate cake before venturing back out into the mist which had lessened considerably while I was toasting my toes by an open fire.

Just one
I forgot to order the potatoes...DUH!!!

Not many photos today, it was too cold and hands stayed in my pockets!!

It was a proper misty morning

Horse, tree and mist!

Bedraggled burdock heads

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