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It's Friday-yay, TGIF

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hi Sparkies,

It's Friday night-yay!!!!! I am looking after my great nephew Deklyn tonight. He is seven, and a pretty cool kid. This is a picture of Deklyn and I one time he stayed, about a year ago. I like mucking around with the camera on the computer and so does he. I really find there is never any reason to get bored, bored is equivalant to boring. I mean it means you have time, to do something. And I never have any shortage of things to do, even if it is watching tv, or reading a book, sitting in the sun-anything but being bored. I think maybe some people might mistake bordom for loneliness.
Anyway, how has your week been?? Mine has been pretty good, and I confess I love Fridays!! To me Fridays and the weekend mean I can get my sanity back, or even be insane and not get asked why, I can do my thing and not have to answer to anybody. It's my recuperating from the week time, whatever that may have been.
I have been working on keeping/getting healthy. Not overdoing it, but staying reasonably on track. I have decided to just weigh-in when I feel like it, or when I feel I should incase of putting on. Or just to see what is happening on the scales. I think maintaining is going to be a huge part of this journey. So learning how to do it while losing can be a good idea for me right now. Where my main goal is to not put on, to maintain and add a little losing in the mix. It means I am not doing this at a huge pace,and I do want to make it long term, so I may as well get used to keeping it off while I lose.
I have found my taste buds seem to find some things a little sweet that weren't too sweet before. And some things if I have them taste a little too salty. I think this is my taste buds getting used to healthier options. I am eating and enjoying foods that I wouldn't have bought or bothered even trying before. So, I am on a mission but not on the racetrack. I would write more sparkies, but I am getting reminded we are going shopping.
I am finding I can down glasses of water no trouble some days. And other days I don't feel able to drink it so easily. And some days it just tastes foul.
Where I live, our tap water is pretty good. I think they add fluoride in it, or they used to and don't now. I am not sure which way around, I think we still have it in the water. Today it is easy to drink. So I will have another glass. I don't drink much carbonated drinks, or right now even sugared drinks. I do drink a coffee or two a day with a teaspoon of sugar, or a cup of tea.

This picture is Deklyn and I a couple of years ago. Very serious aren't we!!
Well Sparkies it's off shopping for me and I will catch you later. Dwayne(amazing 26 year old son)likes going shopping at night when the supermarket isn't so busy. And that's what we do. So bye bye Sparkies.
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