Heading to the farm!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tomorrow night, we make the trek to Georgia to the farm! Hunting season is well underway, with bow season and primitive weapons done, now it's time for the guns hubby totes. With any luck, while hubby is hunting, we will be in town doing a bit of shopping. After that is done, we will come back to the farm and do a little bit around the homestead. I have ideas running through my head about a shelving system under the fifth-wheel portion of our camper using pallets and wooden boards. We'll see if I can pull it off.

They guys are also working on plans for the shed/bathroom/fridge area between our "homes" and the pond. Eventually, there will be a wooden deck heading out to the pond so those of us who do not wish to get in a boat can still fish if we like or sit and enjoy the view. The water doesn't move so much, since there is a beaver dam still at the creek. Once that is broken (yes, they keep saying they are going to break it down) the road will be no more. That is, the road that was washed out with a flood a few years ago and never fixed will be part of the creek once again, after the dam is broken. The creek connects two ponds on the family's property.

I most likely will not get my walking in this weekend. I have been taking the kids to the old cemetery at the end of the road (2.2 miles there and back), but it will not be safe out there with hunters. Which is all fine and dandy, anyway, there's a ton of stuff I can be doing to fix up our home away from home.

Ah, well, it's off to bed for me. I have to grab a couple of things in the morning after they dry and stuff them in the bag. Hubby is staying the week by himself up there so he can get away. His cousin up there may take him fishing, as well, sometime during the week. No girls, no wife, just him and his stinky/sweaty butt and deer.
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